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Jul 2, 2006 01:47 AM

Sauteed Hudon Valley duck liver, waffles, maple syrup

anyone around town that's serving this? and a pretty good version at that. supposedly they serve it at the epicurious garden complex in berkely along with a restaurant in texas mentioned in the new york times.

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  1. when I worked at Ojai valley Inn we had an app that was foie torchon on a waffle with kumquat/pistachio syrup, if it's still available I'm sure they'd accomodate any variation.

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      Man, foodude37, you've been everywhere!

    2. Not waffles, but Norman's has a very interesting foie gras on french toast...

      1. will be going to epicurious garden next month. thanks for the heads up.

        the only place i've had this combo is in vail at kelly liken. a beautifully seared piece of hudson valley FG(a little crisp on the outside and custard on the inside)on a five spiced belgian waffle drizzled with kumquat syrup. very good.

        the foie gras that bert mentions above is also very good. everyone at our table ordered and we were surprised at how the sizes differed. my poor mom got the shaft and i had to give her some of mine.

        1. Winston's on the Queen Mary serves an apple tart tatin with foie gras. Not waffles & syrup but darn good.