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Jul 2, 2006 01:45 AM

Burgers - Consistency in Quality

Had a cheeseburger at Pie 'n Burger yesterday. The excessive dressing just drowned the burger; I certainly wasn't able to enjoy the "crunch" of the meat. Similarly at my favorite, the Apple Pan, I cannot get a top quality burger every time.

What's your vote on a reliable top burger place?

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  1. Check out this long thread I got Re: burgers in L.A. IT might help U find what you're looking for.
    Also if you're in Pasadena try: or this other thread about this place

    1. I've never had a problem with the amount of dressing at Pie and Burger. Why not ask for the dressing on the side or tell them to put less dressing?

      I think BurgerBoy would be a great person to ask. I wonder if BurgerBoy has registered.

      1. Surely, you jest. The dressing at P&B is half the reason for paying their prices.

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        1. CONNAL'S (for greasy spoon/drive-thru)

          PETE'S CAFE (for casual pub/diner)

          ARNIE MORTON'S STEAKHOUSE (for upscale)

          BENNIGAN'S (for chains)

          By the way, I've never had issues with Pie N Burger...