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Jul 2, 2006 01:36 AM

looking for good classics on the upper west side

i live in los angeles.... although born in nyc..... am here for the week... staying on the upper west side.... with wife and 12 year old junior foodie..... know zabars.... grays papaya..... the cuban/chinese on bwy.... patsy grimaldi's.... peter luger's..... etc.... looking for a good place for thin crust pizza by the slice...... and other tips from felllow chowhounders..... upper westside and beyond....

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  1. It's a new classic, but very easy to get to Dinosaur BBQ by subway from the UWS. Might want to check out Artie's Deli, Niko's, Fairway Cafe. I'm assuming from your list that you're not looking for higher end, e.g. Telepan (not yet classic, but could well become so) or Ouest.

    1. thank you for your reply..... could you help me with the location of these places? i think that you are on my wavelength.... thank you....

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        Dinosaur BBQ is on the corner of 131st St and 12th Ave. Take the #1 train to Broadway and 125th St and walk a couple of blocks west and about three blocks north. Artie's Deli is on B'way between 82nd & 83rd. Niko's Mediterrean Grill is on B'way at 76th. And Fairway Cafe is upstairs from Fairway at B'way & 74th. Enjoy your trip.

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          niko's is a rip off! when i was there i pointed out that most dishes were about 30% above prices on menu pages. no one seemed to care and explained it by saying that they didnt have time to notify penu pages to change prices.

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            Good thing to know. And I haven't been there in a couple of months. Perhaps they've raised their prices considerably since I was last there. But they have (had?) really, really good grilled fish at what I thought were entirely reasonable prices. I'll have to check it out again soon and see if I still think so.

      2. we are headed to lupas's tonight..... maybe the blue ribbon later on our stay....

        1. Barney Greengrass (for breakfast and lunch only) is a classic Jewish deli specializing in smoked fish (they do serve meats, but I've never ordered any and have rearely seen them come out of the kitchen). Great chopped liver, too.

          Flor De Mayo on 84th and Amsterdam serves terrific Peruvian food, sort of buried in the menu beneath the Chinese and Dominican food.

          Onera is a terrific, rather expensive Greek restaurant at 222 W. 79th St.

          Bettola, on Amsterdam between 79/80, has terrific thin-crust pizza, but not by the slice.

          1. Westsiders themselves tend to forget about Cafe Luxembourg, on 70th, a shade west of Amsterdam.

            It's the orginal family favorite bistro on the UWS, and continues to be excellent. The burger never makes it in anyone's top ten lists, but I think it's as good as the Odeon, and almost getting into Balthazar territory.

            - Sean

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              I live around the corner from Cafe Luxembourg and find it frustratingly inconsistent, good on one visit, very disappointing on the next. Never tried their burger, though. Thanks for the heads up. Next time, for sure.