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Jul 2, 2006 01:23 AM


Will be staying at Saville Park Suites- don't really know what that area is called, but recommendations for good food would be appreciated...wouldn't mind venturing out further but do not have transportation..any kind of food, traveling from Texas, first time to Australia..thanks

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  1. There are some great Dim Sum (Yum Cha) resturants in Chatswood.

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      Thank you - will be there Tues...yeah

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        Fook Yuen is great - better than Checkers and Kam Fook.

    2. Taxis are pretty cheap over there. You are on the north side of the Harbour Bridge so would make an attempt to get over to the other side but as cap said, there are some great Chinese places over there. Make a trip to Balmoral Beach as well, and head to the Bather's Pavillion, it's not too far away.

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      1. Il Perugino in Mosman is a local favourite. Very cosy (no menus - the waiter recites the daily list) - plus BYOB (bottle shop up the road).

        Also Crows Nest is great for a bunch of easy restaurants (good Chinese at Sea Treasure or Indian at Malabar).

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        1. Returned from a wonderful adventure in Sydney...tried some of the places suggested...they were all great but we didn't eat at a place that was not good...everything was so fresh...great dining in Sydney...the city rail and ferries get close to lots of restaurants; wish I had time to try them all...thanks for the replies