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Jul 2, 2006 12:59 AM

Black rice [Moved from Home Cooking]

Does anyone have any idea where I can buy black rice in the Chicago NW suburbs??

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  1. Are you talking about the black rice found in Southeast Asian desserts? The one that is prized for it's slightly crunchy texture? If it is what I think you're talking about it is often mixed with sticky rice and a bit of coconut in Lao/Thai desserts (making it look purple-black). If so, then you can probably find it in an Asian store that serves Lao/Thai people. Ask around a Chinatown or ask local Thai restaurants where they get their supplies. Tell them you are looking for "kow gum" and describe it to them in case you don't have the accent right.

    1. I have not stopped by in a while... but FoodStuffs in Evanston on Central in in downtown Lake Forest carried a line of rices including a red one and a black one.
      Good Luck,

      1. Black rice (aka Forbidden rice) can be found at any Whole Foods Market. I know therwe is one in Evanston, but I think there are also some in Chicago?

        1. Thanks everyone. I found it at Cost Plus World Market for 3.99. Whole foods also had it, but for 7.99!

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            FYI: I find that the food products at Cost Plus World Market taste old and dusty.

          2. We found it at the International Club on Pulaski Rd., just south of I-55 on the west side of the road.