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Homemade peach frozen yogurt success and photo

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A few days ago I had a yen for peach frozen yogurt and thought it might be fun to try to make it in my ice cream maker. After a quick search of recipes on the web I found a recipe that sounded too tasty and easy to be true. I decided to try it after all and am very glad I did. Essentially I blended chopped peaches with vanilla yogurt and honey in a food processor and then combined it with more chopped peaches before chilling. The recipe was written for people who don’t own ice cream makers; however, since I own one I followed the manufacturer’s instructions after I chilled the peach yogurt. It was really easy to put together and as an after thought I added some ground ginger. The end result was very good; the tartness of the yogurt really complimented the flavor of the peaches and the vanilla and honey were very subtle. I could have easily added more honey without it being too sweet. The only disappointment was I could not taste the ginger, perhaps the next time I will use fresh grated ginger as it would be my preference over the ground ginger. The consistency could be creamier, but it didn’t deter from my enjoyment. DH, a frozen dessert aficionado, proclaimed it as tasty and refreshing and suggested that the mixture could be used in ice cream pop molds. I thought that was a great idea. I am really looking forward to making more fro yo in this summer and experimenting with other fruits that are in season. I think the recipe has a lot of potential especially if I use plain yogurt instead of vanilla and add my own sugar and honey.

Recipe (sorry for the ads):

Taken with my camera phone:

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  1. It looks lovely, tasty and healthy! Thanks for posting the recipe!