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Aug 4, 2004 07:24 PM

Aloha Festival

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Has anyone been to the Aloha Festival? Was wondering if it would be worth the time and effort...



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  1. I went a couple of years ago. The food (as I remember it) was standard fair food w/ a Pacific Islander twist. Some interesting-looking things, with long lines. The crowds were substantial, the music was fun, and the field was very muddy.

    1. I went two years ago and will try to go this year. I take a polynesian dance class at the local rec. center, and my instructor's group will be performing on Saturday afternoon. They have about 25 minutes and will include tahitian as well as hula.

      I don't remember too much about the food. I remember it being very hot when I went, parking was a little difficult, we bought food and sat on the sidewalk in the sun to eat, and there was A LOT of people. There are many booths selling Hawaii-related items and arts and crafts; there's the performances which are pretty entertaining; and admission is FREE!

      1. I also went two years ago,when it was super-foggy, cold, and muddy. That said, it was still fun. I remember having laulau for the very first time there, and it was delicious!

        (BTW, the laulau -- fresh or frozen -- at Takahashi Market in San Mateo is quite good, and keeps well frozen. They get shipments of the fresh stuff from Hawaii every Thursday.)

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          Would you believe the first time I had laulau was at a gas station on Maui? It was late at night, no restaurants were open in the neighborhood, and I was starving. They had a little drive-up food window on the side and the special that day was a laulau mixed plate with rice, mac salad and poki. It was fabulous! Just as good as going to a restaurant. Pretty wild, huh?

        2. Does anyone recall if they had rukau? It is taro leaves cooked in coconut milk and is wonderful.

          boltnut55- i also take a tahitian dance class at my local Y (but haven't been in a few weeks). what time is your teacher dancing?

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            I think it's 3:25 on Saturday. Her name is Mili (sp?) Miranda, and the group is called A Touch of Polynesia. Her daughter is REALLY great with Tahitian (I just can't get my umm, bottom, to go around like that) and will be performing. Mili teaches through the SSF Rec. Center.

          2. This will be my first time at the Aloha Fest too. A friend of mine will be performing in a tahitian dance group. I plan to get there early, sample a lot of food, and have fun, even if it is cold and foggy!

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              Where is the festival?

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                It's at the Presidio this Saturday and Sunday, the 7th and 8th. Here's their website: