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Jul 1, 2006 11:55 PM

Chocolate tart

Now, I've been trying to scour the city for a good chocolate tart. I have tried City Bakery's it looked delicious but it turned out to be lacking the "wow" factor in the flavor department. I have tried La Maison du Chocolat's at a chocolate tasting with a friend; it was divine (buttery crust, perfect chocolate ganache filling) albeit very expensive. I also went to Bouchon Bakery for their chocolate tart. It was chocolatey from ganache to crust but not very sweet; it's very satisfying and pleasing but it costs $9. So, my question is where would you suggest to get a good chocolate tart without being ridiculously expensive?

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  1. have you tried payard? they have excellent tarts. but my favorite chocolate tart is actually at the adore, on 13th street btwn university and 5th. it's a tiny french place run by japanese people, and they have amazing tarts. they vary, but the chocolate one is great and so is the mixed berry tart.

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