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Jul 1, 2006 11:29 PM

Loving the search engine

Bad news: relative just died and I have to spend next week in a couple of smaller towns north of LA.

Good News: the new search engine makes it MUCH easier to pinpoint high quality posts about restaurants in those towns. (Oxnard, Camarillo and Ventura, FYI). I just spent a very productive half hour stiching together places to eat in the five days I have scheduled there.

I am really enjoying all the complaints about the new site, which were inevitible. I have a couple of quibbles but so far see many enormous improvements. And, BTW, I never had major complaints about the old system.

I think Jim Leff and CNET deserve big applause.

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  1. Sorry about your loss. I hope you find some good chow.

    1. "And, BTW, I never had major complaints about the old system."

      Conversely (and not unexpectedly), many of the complaints about the NEW system are from people who complained bitterly about the old system!

      In the end, it's all about the chow. Our resourceful community would find ways to keep doing what it does in any setting.