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Jul 1, 2006 10:51 PM

I've searched all Veritas listings but still need help please - esp w/ wine

Hi Chowhounds - I am taking clients out to Veritas in a couple of weeks for dinner. I've read all the posts but was wondering two things -

- Has anyone been there recently? Anything stand out on the menu?

More important, I enjoy wine as do my clients but I'm far from an expert and from what I'm told the wine list is extensive and stellar. How do you suggest I handle this? Trust the sommeliers?
Anyone have experience in this area with Veritas? This is on an expense account but not a 'money is no object account'. Think 4 people for a high end but not over the top meal.

For background, last meal with these clients was a great lunch at Gramercy Tavern so the pressure wasn't on to deal with the wine situation. Thanks for any help you can offer.

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  1. Veritas has remained very consistent over the years. I have probably averaged once a year for the past 5 or 8, and tend to return to the excellent foie gras and the scallops, but have never been disappointed with any dish. Regarding wine: I would feel very comfortable trusting Tim with a recommendation. He is a true professional and will serve you well regardless of your price point or preferences. I imagine he would also be glad to consult with you in advance if you are concerned about sorting this out at the table.

    1. Trust the sommeliers. The wine list at Veritas could take a year to navigate.

      I will second the Foie Gras and Lobster Salad, both supplements but work it

      1. Outstanding sommeliers at Veritas....Suggest you call first and discuss your preferences, prejudices, price limits, will make their job easier & they will appreciate it....your experience at table will be so much easier & more pleasant...

        1. Thanks Chowhounds-

          Your advice was great and dinner was fabulous!
          I wish I had the ability to articulate in detail how each dish came across as many of you do. Unfortunately, I can't get into the nuances as you all do; I'd like to and hope that over time I will be able to. For now all I can do is give a recap:

          I did take the advice to call in advance and based on my conversation came a few minutes earlier to talk about wine - great advice and it worked out perfectly.

          My 2 clients and I had a lovely dinner. The foie and lobster salad was exceptional. The third had a special app; sweetbreads, I'm not a big fan but she enjoyed it.

          The main courses were short ribs [best i've ever had/sauce and mushrooms added so much to the dish], scallops [so fresh.. exceptional], and duck [ok]. We all shared a taste of each others meal and for me the duck didn't do it for me;rare but hard to cut with a knife [my client enjoyed it so I guess it was a sucess]. Otherwise the mains were exceptional.

          Desserts were all amazing; chocolate souffle, apple tarte and a special cheesecake. I suggested that we order the cheese plate but we all were pretty full so we passed on that.

          I was concerned when i first walked in because there was a table of 6 men/suits drinking lots of wine and getting lots of attention. My concerns were immediately alleviated when my dinner companions showed up. We were treated like royalty.
          Just the right level of attention; not ignored/not smothered.

          So, Veritas has been around for quite a while and it should be noted that the level of food and service continues to be exceptional. I wouldn't think twice about coming here again; although there are so many restaurants in the city it's hard to do a repeat unless you really love it. This falls under the repeat list for me.

          thanks again.