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Jul 1, 2006 10:18 PM

Fast Food Out of Necessity: Quiznos [Moved from Pennsylvania board]

Needed to grab a quick lunch before the theater today, Lion King at the Academy of Music. Went downstairs at The Bellevue, and finally settled on a steak sandwich "wit" at Quiznos, for $6.19, plus a $1.29 drink, and a free cup of soup.

What surprised me was how tender and lean the meat was. Sadly, it wasn't even sizzled on a grill--it was heated before being put in a nice roll with mushrooms, two kinds of cheese, and an OK sauce, all of which was then warmed in some sort of heating device.

I'm not raving about it, and it doesn't compare to a genuine steak sandwich on a better, harder roll, but it did strike me as being quite healthy, relatively speaking, given the two slices of cheese. I felt no guilt during or after eating it. It was certainly a good value for that part of town.

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  1. just stop, ok? I have eaten at Quizno's, and while not atrocious, definitely not good. what happened to the food court down there? Rocco's used to offer an excellent variety of sandwiches, Montessini pizza had steaks, and there were other local outposts that were far better than Quizno's.

    1. Quizno's doesn't suck... it's a hell of a lot better than Togo's or Subway, that's for sure. That said, if you live someplace with REAL delis, get your sandwich from there.

      1. What I left out was that most of the places in that food court were closed on Saturday. The choices were limited, and at least the Quiznos Angus steak sandwich was both lean and tender.

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          That choice is yummy. As mentioned by Das, it's WAY more better than Subway, etc. Foodies love the unique place, but sometimes you simply need a quick fix and this is a choice selection. With Salt & Vinegar chips, a couple of chiles, a coke - it scratches an itch.

        2. i think that quiznos is way better than subway. the toasted sub is good.

          but have you ever tried "jimmie john's?" their web site says they have been around since 1983, hq in champaign, il, and have >300 stores. they are relatively new here but they have opened two stores within three blocks of my downtown detroit office. i like them the best for a quick sub. the place is kind of hip with smart ass signs on the wall and semi-loud background rock music. step up to the counter and order one of 15-20 subs, pay, step to the side, and it's ready pretty quick. the bread is really good (way better than subway), the portions are generous, and the vegies are nice and fresh. combo meal for about $7. it's decent.

          here is their site which has a little edge to it.

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          1. re: xman887

            ugghhh Jimmy Johns

            The sandwiches are small, the bread is like a marshmellow. Their attention to quality is comparable to other chains... awful. The sprouts were spoiled the last time I was there. I regularly see their drivers getting food at my local spots near Jimmy's Johns.

            As far as the kitsch and edge, its there, and I think thats the only reason people keep coming. I live in the suburbs, and I can think of two places within 1/8 mile that have better subs for way less. And no kitsch.