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Jul 1, 2006 10:18 PM

Hot Posts Disappear

This has happened to me twice today. I click on Hot Posts and see there are quite a few new posts since I last checked in. I click on a post I'm interesed in, read it, hit the back button, and find the number of Hot Posts is reduced to two. There were at least six posts, perhaps as many as a dozen, when I first opened it. After reading only one, all but two of the ones I saw just a minute ago are gone. And in both cases there were just two posts listed after clicking the back button. Very odd. Anyone else running into this?

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  1. Damn! Just happened to me again. Was working my way through Hot Posts, had clicked on a few of them, wasn't even at the bottom of the page yet when I clicked on the back button and only one Hot Post showed up. Went back and clicked on Hot Posts again and got only two, the one I'd had before and a new one. I'm beginning to think this is my problem alone, but my computer is only about two weeks old and running all the latest versions of all the latest software. If this keeps happening, Hot Posts will be a total loss for me. And that would be a real shame.

    1. Yes this happened to my husband. There will be five hot posts and he will read two, click on the back button and get the “there are no new posts’ message. He has to go to the board. The three unread message will be there.

      At other times moving between boards will drop unread topics. We were reading a board that had 9 unread hot topics. We changed boards and came back, and only three hot topics were left. When we looked at the board itself, all nine topics appeared. Hot posts was only showing three.

      This is bad if reading by last reply and the topic is on page three. We do not see it in Hot Posts. When we go to the board, the first page shows all posts as read. We don’t think to check the next two pages.

      We are planning a trip to Europe and reading slowly through the International boards. If we don’t get back to a large board for a few days, we assume that hot posts has all the new posts we didn’t read and any new posts. Usually that is true. Sometimes it is not.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. The Hot Posts page would expire (which is the same functionality as mark as all read) after 15 minutes.

          The problem was that you would click on a topic, read it, come back to hot posts and it would have already expired.

          We've bumped the expiration time to 2 hours to alleviate this problem.

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          1. re: Engineering

            Thanks for the explanation. I had noticed that it didn't happen today and was thinking of dropping you a note, then thought maybe I'd give it one more day. It's good to know how it works (and to know it wasn't a problem with my new computer). Now, if I'm considering a lengthy reply that might take time to compose, I'll do it in Word and not while I'm still in Hot Posts.

            Many thanks for taking the time to respond.