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Jul 1, 2006 10:12 PM

Dona Raquel had doubled in size in Pompano !

Just back from another fantastic meal at Dona Raquel on Dixie Hwy! They have taken over whatever was next door and doubled the size of their dining room, changed out the tables and chairs to less authentic ones, but kept the same great food.

I had Pozole, only available on the weekends. It was a huge deep red steaming bowl of pork and those large corn kernals in a broth. It was spicy almost to the point of me not being able to eat it. I needed two Horchata drinks to cool my mouth. (wheat type drink)

My guest had Barbacoa, a first for us. We asked if it was "carne" inside, server said yes. It was superb. I just searched out the recipe and see it's usually made with the meat from the cow's head? This was a soup also. Both portions were very large, neither of us could finish.

A 18" diameter platter came out with chopped jalapenos, onions, lettuce, red pepper flakes and crispy tortillas all to add to the soup.

We saw the owner, whom we have gotten to know during our visits, and congratulated him on the expansion. The servers now have professional uniform shirts, but the kitchen is the exact same size with numerous employees, we counted 7 that we could see!

I highly recommend this place, as has been said before, for authentic Mexican.

PS Our server spoke perfect English, I think they added some staff with the expansion.


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  1. Beautiful! I can't wait to get down there... It'll be a couple more months---I'm in Tampa...

    Yeah, Barbacoa is made with the very rich meat from the cow's cheeks...

    Man, it's rough coming to this sight when you're really hungry!

    Thanks for the tip...

    1. Lord have Mercy!

      More of a great thing...does life get any better? Hopefully the larger venue will retain the same great food. I was there last week just before they opened their adjoining dining room to patrons. If there is a more authentic Mexy restaurant anywhere on the Gold Coast, can someone please let me know!

      The family owns that whole strip mall, including the meat market next door. I finally met 'the' Doña Raquel the other day. She says they had to modify the menu out at their second Doña Raquel store in Tamarac due to gringo don't be fooled! The original on Dixie in Pompano Beach is the real deal.

      Try cooling down with a Sangria Soda it's N/A and really does the trick.

      Buen provecho amigos!