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Jul 1, 2006 09:56 PM

Looking for Cheap Eats near CBD

Will be attending a convention in August and looking for ideas for Cheap Eats. Any recs would be most appreciated. Thanks Hounds!

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  1. You can put together a pretty cheap lunch of tapas at Rio Mar.

    Commerce Restaurant is also popular. Unpretentious local food.

    1. mother's on poydras is pretty good. it's near the W and windsor court hotel. great po' boys and other new orleans' fare.

      1. Cheap? Best cheap place would be Country Flame on Iberville and exchange. During lunch there's Commerce Restaurant at Gravier and Camp, po-boy's only I think, since Katrina. Deanie's (not the fried seafood joint from Bucktown, but an ol' time waterfront lunch place) on Annunciation a block or two down from the bridge.

        Ugly Dog Saloon cat-a-corner from Deanie's has reasonable barbecue. Then there's Dino's and Warehouse District Pizza.

        I'm answering you as if quality and/or the rapport betwween price and quality were not involved. So this is just about cheap.

        1. Prices in New Orleans are quite reasonable. I would suggest that you are well served to not try to eat on the really cheap.

          Normally, I would recommend Mr. B's. They aren't open yet but could be by the time you come. I'd check on Bacco's lunch specials. Usually very good and quite reasonable.

          And I second the Rio Mar recommendation.