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Jul 1, 2006 09:53 PM

City Island -- Johnny's Reef vs. Tony's -- thoughts?

The two rival seafood shacks at the end of the main drag in City Island -- any thoughts, which is better, for which food? I think the one is called Tony's, other is Johnny's Reef. They seem identical, nearly... Thanks!

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  1. me i'm neutral but i can tell you JOHNNYS is generally preferred by all.

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      Are these places better than Randazzo's in Sheepshead Bay? That's a fun family old time-ish place, I like it coming back from the beach but the food, oy vey.

    2. I perfer johnny's over tony's any day only because johnny's has the best tarter sauce.A few years ago I might have gone with tony's because they had bigger shrimp but now they are about the same in size.

      1. You go to either of them for the atmosphere, not the food, which is, at best, acceptable.

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          The atmosphere?thats a wild statement,the food is the perpose of this topic.But if you wanna discuss the atmosphere don't forget to mention how both are usually over crowded with a mob of people blasting 20 different types of music all at the same time in a small parking lot,which is probably annoying to some of the people who are on the outside trying to sit down to talk and eat with their families and friends trying to enjoy the boats pass by.And in the inside its usually hardly any space to get around without bumping into somebody which can be fustrating when you drop your lunch/dinner on the ground.

        2. We are big fan's of Johnny's. It's simple and honest, and the seafood is pretty consistently above average. Best of all, everything is fried to order and the oil is fresh and sweet. We had some scallops a couple weeks ago that we are still talking about. We also love the $3 sangria.

          It's noisy and busy, but I would not call it chaoitic -- everything is supremely well organized for getting you the freshest food. It's a little thing, but I appreciate how all the posted prices include tax, so there's no fumbling at the register.

          We've been saying we should try Tony's, just to be sure, but a little jaunt out to Johnny's is a favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

          Johnny's Reef
          2 City Island Ave, Bronx, NY 10464

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            You have to go to Johnny's as long as you are in the mood for lots of fried food washed down with a cold beer. It's no frills and "atmosphere" consists of seagulls overhead circling for leftovers.

          2. Johnny's hands down.. I'm a native Angelino, and when I go to New York to visit family we usually find a way to fit Johnny's into our itinerary!!! (when they are open of course)