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Jul 1, 2006 09:30 PM


Any recs for great food (for kids and adults)? Sit down restaurant preferred, any type of food OK.

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  1. Um, some how I think you'll be at the dog show this weekend. Eric Erickson's, The Aloha Grill (former workers from the Chart House run this), Joe's Crab Shack, are all popular with the Terrier crowd.

    1. I think Tutti's Off Main (34 North Palm, (805) 643-0880) is pretty good. Not earth shatteringly good, but nice and dependable. Service is very friendly, and they have a great outdoor patio. Decent, fairly inventive breakfast, brunch and lunch items. Have not tried it for dinner, but I would be surprised if it were awful.

      I have not tried Taqueria Tepatitlan (362 N Ventura Ave., (805) 653-0508), but it has been favorably reviewed here (and is on my list to try).

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      1. re: David Kahn

        Taqueria Tepatitlan is very casual and gets very busy. Noisy kids would not be a problem. My caveat is that it is a small place - maybe 10 tables - and the biggest table is for 4 or 5.

        Everyone I have ever talked to about Joe's Crab Shack gives it a horrible review.

        Erik Ericsson's is probably a fun, good bet. Big, noisy at times, great view because it is on the pier. The kids can work off some steam at the beach and you can walk from the fairgrounds in about 10 minutes.

        Also fun for the kiddos is Busy Bee Cafe - a faux 50's diner on Main near California serving American comfort food.

        A couple doors down from that is Franky's, a kind of casual salad and sandwich place, sort of fresh and natural style.

        Across the street in a little courtyard, Zoey's serves breakfast, sandwiches and salads outdoors on the most charming patio. The courtyard is lined with cute shops and is one of my favorite sitting and watching the world go by kinds of places.

        1. re: Snackish

          Ok so finally after much talk about Taqueria Tepatitlan I had to give it a try. Hmmm...Much dissapointment. I guess everyone built it up to be very good but nothing seemed very fresh. I also tried Tutti's for the second time...two times = way to many times to try it...terrible service mediocre food! I can handle mediocre food for good service or even just to support good owners but not has neither. Stay clear!!!

          1. re: wannabechef

            Tutti's - egad. Tutti's used to be good in Montecito. Now it is in a lovely setting and has outdoor dining that's pleasing. Arriving without reservation to relatively empty restaurant, we were given quite a look over (never did get that busy, after, oh well). Service was either overdone or absent. "Watch out for the hot plates!" we were instructed by one wait staff and yet I had to move my head far from one of the hot plates coming toward my face and, as I complained, was met with indignance not apology. The little breads and olives offered at the beginning were the best part of meal (must be a good baker!). The seafood risotto was watery, zucchini cakes mushy, even the chocolate dishes - a combo of mousse, pot du creme, and fondue - were really poor quality, served with tasteless little cookies. Hard to mess up chocolate when quality ingredients are used but the mousse actually tasted "stale" if that's possible.

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        1. nope.head down deep for decent mexican, try cabo. other than that, nope.

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          1. re: dano

            So negative about Ventura it should try some of the other great restaurants in town...not just the Mexican restaurants. There are so many other great options. Happy Dining!!!

            1. re: wannabechef

              not negative-just how i call it. been up here for almost 10 years cooking for a living, yes the scene has changed. Is there any great dining? no. Is there ok food? yes.

              I'd love to hear about your options-seems that any dish with a toque is a chef here-there are a few exceptions, but not many....

          2. I second Tuttie's and Taqueria Tepatitlan. I would also add a fairly new place, Savory Bakery and Cafe on Main St. in downtown Ventura, open only for breakfast and lunch. The Greek at the Ventura Harbor is in a very pretty setting and has some nice salads and Greek dishes for lunch and dinner. The food is just ok, not great, but the wonderful harbor setting makes up for what the food lacks. I don't think anyone who really wants fairly decent food would go to Joe's Crab shack.
            Unfortunately,there isn't much to recommend in Ventura County. Good Luck!!