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Jul 1, 2006 08:26 PM

Kid friendly recs near Fresno Airport

Need recs for dinner and breakfast in the area. The old folks have to have a good time too.

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  1. Sorry. The area near Fresno Air Terminal is a chowhound wasteland. I suppose the best bet is to go west to Chestnut, then north and it will turn into Willow. Continue north to Shaw Ave.--on the NE corner of Willow and Shaw is Japanese Kitchen. JK has teppan dining, is really quite good, lots of children, but plenty of good food for adults, too.

    1. Are you determined to stay around the airport? There is little to be had there. Would you be willing to drive a bit?

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        Sure we would be willing to drive. What da ya have???

      2. Not sure of ages, tastes and preferences but a quick idea for steak and seafood would be Cool Hand Lukes. Not a chowie place but good solid food.

        Lukes is quickly turning into a small franchise chain around the state now up to 5 or 6 locations but the original is in Clovis.

        Decorated in an "old west" theme it is located just east of the corner of Shaw and Clovis Avenues across from Sierra Vista Mall. About 4 miles north of the airport.

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        1. Let me see, kid friendly and good....

          La Posada
          311 Pollasky Ave
          Clovis, CA 93612
          Mon - Sat 11:30 am - 9:00 pm

          This is a cute little Mexican place in Old Town Clovis. Mom and Dad can order the specials, which are very good (also have beer). Kids can order quesadillas, tacos, etc. The restaurant itself is actually inside a renovated house which is fun for the kids. When you are done eating, you can walk around Old Town Clovis and shop at the antique stores. If you happen to be in town on Friday night, there is a really nice Farmer's Market in Old Town that starts around 6pm and goes until nightfall. Lots of vendors, free entertainment, and a bounce house and stuff for the kids. According to Mapquest, the drive from the airport is about 11 minutes.

          Japanese Kitchen
          711 W Shaw Avenue

          I agree with the poster above that this is a good place for kids. My little sisters love going here and will eat virtually anything that the cook will flip in their mouth! Please make reservations on the weekend.

          There is a cute breakfast place in Old Town Clovis, but I am blanking on the name. Since I am at work, I will post this for now and post the breakfast place once I get home.

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            I bet the breakfast place you're thinking of is the Rodeo Cafe (or Rodeo Coffee Shop, or something like that; I know it's "Rodeo something"). Located on 5th near the corner with Pollasky.

            1. re: alanstotle

              It is. And their breakfasts are good with large portions. But be warned, they tend to get full so it might be a wait for a table and the food seems to take quite a while to arrive. (There is a counter bar that you can sit at if there is space.) My kids (10 and 7) even commendted that it seemed to take a LONG time for the food.)

          2. Folia Bros. Deli on Cedar near Herndon (NW Corner) has a great variety of food: huge sandwiches, a deli case, homemade soups, salads, crepes (my favorite). It is clean and locally owned. 559-325-deli
            I'm from Fresno and I eat there all the time. My kids like the patio area, but the inside is fun too.
            Have fun!