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Jul 1, 2006 08:25 PM

Fruit with Meat; a Do or a Don't

I'm interested to see how people feel about the Meat fruit combo.

I personally don't like it. I don't hate it, and will eat roasted duck with wild cherries if it's presented to me.

Maybe it's the sweet & savory combo that I don't like. No applesauce on my potato pancakes please.

What's your take??

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  1. I love sweet and savory, but not usually with meat. I hate chicken in a sweet sauce or too sweet Chinese-American food. I love sweet and savory otherwise though: cheese w/preserves, slightly sweet tomato sauce w/ red pepper flakes, sweetish mayo w/tomatoes and salt on toast, the sweetness of vegetables in a risotto, and the applesauce and sour cream w/potato pancakes.
    oh one exception to the meat rule, chicken and waffles w/maple syrup is a brilliant combination.

    1. I love sweet and salty and I do really like a well balanced sweet and sour combination. I think much or the restaurant prepared sweet and sour dishes are too sweet so I rarely order them. My applesauce is natural with no added sugar and I do like it with potato pancakes.

      1. If you don't like it, too bad for you. I've had many great dishes that combine the two.

        Empanadas with raisins from Argentina. Pork with fresh mango from Burma. Venison terrine with blueberries from the Savoy, France.

        It is far from being the automatic 'do not order' - like seafood and cheese.

        Thare, I've started another argument!

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          Yes, definitely an argument on this one. I can't imagine following an anti seafood/cheese rule; it would cut out crabmeat au gratin, oysters mosca, char-grilled oysters with parmesan, etc.

        2. I really enjoy sweet with meats - apricot with chicken, blackberry or raspberry with duck, orange with beef (or my Mom's lemon pot roast). I think the difference is it can't be overwhelmingly sweet - there has to be some "tang" - from vinegar, sour citrus, ginger - something to cut the sweetness and give it some oomph.

          So ginger and orange with chicken? Absolutely. Apples and unpasteurized apple cider and apple cider vinegar with pork? Most definitely.

          1. I do like some savory sweet combinations; cheese with pears, french fries dipped in icecream (i swear it's great) but fruit and meat simply isn't something I'm passionate about.