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Chulada Grill - Miracle Mile area

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Had lunch there yesterday. This place is a little gem. I had the carnitas -- perfectly seasoned, perfectly cooked. My friend had the chicken mole. Both dishes were excellent. The chicken was moist, breast meat. Everything cooked fresh, so there was a wait. The corn tortillas, made fresh as well, were fantastic. (Not sure the flour tortillas are fresh, definitely order the corn.) Loved the seasoning on their blackbeans.

Chulada Grill, corner of San Vicente & Hauser. Menu says they deliver.

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      Combination plate, drink, tip, about ten bucks each. Burritos, tacos, etc. a la carte, cheaper.

    2. I like this place, too. It is, indeed, a little gem. Their breakfasts are also quite nice.

        1. I've posted about Chulada a few times. It really is a nice gem. I love the pico de gallo and, when I really wanted to indulge in something tasty and greasy, Chulada's chorizo is fantastic. I used to regularly get chorizo tacos (not sure if it's on the menu) and loved them.

          1. I drove by this place for a few years before trying it. Kickin' myself for not trying it earlier (my wife & I complained for years there was no local Mexican place we could call our own). Great local takeout place (that we now call our own). I'm sorry to say the best thing on the menu, the goat Barbacoa, is no longer available. I guess not enough goat eaters in L.A. Your (our) loss, as this was one of the most delectable local treats in the Miracle Mile. They still make the Barbacoa with beef I believe, but the goat was heavenly. The coloradito de peurco con papas is excellent too. They say it is enchilada sauce on the coloradito, but it is so rich it seems like mole (which is good too). My wife wife is a little down on the enchiladas ("a little stale" were the exact words) but I think the place shines when it makes the more authentic fare, not the tex-mex burrito stuff (though I've never tried their burrito's...)

            As mentioned before, ambience is not what this place is about. But cheap, tasty food, (that will deliver or prepare for pick-up) is what it is all about, right? And they do have a generous salsa bar. If you're local you can't pass this place up, they even have a convenient online menu to order from. I'm not sure I would drive cross town to go to it, but since discovering this about a year ago, this place is in our regular rotation of order out places.

            1. My fiance and I had a bad experience here. There was a questionable charge on our bill and when we asked about it we were basically told by the manager who might very well be the owner, that is was only a small amount that we shouldn't worry about it. I guess he expects people to give away their money to him because his attitude was that of entitlement. It's too bad because we have been to this restaurant before. It is close to our neighborhood. My fiance and I, as well as my family and friends frequent this place place because we like to support neighborhood business. But when an employee/ manager or owner (doesn't matter), representing this business goes out of his way to try to make you feel cheap by saying that when he goes out he drops hundreds of dollars on dinner without looking at the check or questioning it like I had done, it is not a place i am going to go to again OR recommend to anyone. As far as the food goes, nothing special. After all, it wasn't the food that left a bad taste in my mouth.