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Dante's Pizza - Thornhill

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After reading many previous posts on delivery from Dante's, I finally made my way over to have a try for myself.

My SO and I found the pizza to be very good, we ordered a small deluxe which had grilled peppers, salami, pepperoni, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes, plus we also shared a rigatoni with meat sauce and meatballs.

I thought the pizza was quite good. It stayed nice and hot for a long time while we ate. We must have been there for at an hour and the cheese was still stringy at the end. They piled on the toppings as well, no stinginess there. The pasta wasn't anything out of the ordinary, but I liked the meatballs.

The pizza is a little more expensive than your typical chain pizzeria, but still reasonably priced. The 12" we ordered was $23.85. Parking is not easy in that little mall, but seems that people park all over the place. Quite a popular little restaurant to eat in as well.

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  1. I love Dante's. IMHO it's the best in the city.

    I agree that it's a bit expensive however I've found this to be very acceptable for two reasons. Better quality and better value. A large from them may be more expensive than a chain pizza with the same toppings but if you were to weigh them, the Dante's would weigh more. So it's a good value.


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      A bit more expensive? It's MUCH more expensive and the food is mediocre.

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        in your opinion. but if you compare it with pizza pizza and the like, its food from the gods... but this comparison is not very fair.

        thier pizza is BIG (you do get what you pay for)
        the taste is the best pizza, i have tasted in toronto. but the bar was never that high in the first place.
        if you have a better pizza place, please tell us

    2. I agree. My wife and I have seen Dante's delivery cars around our area for years but finaly tried it earlier this year and are hooked. The pizzas are definitey a touch more dear than chain pizzas but well worth it.

      Their entrees and salads are huge for the $ and decent value...enough for lunch the next day if I don't split it over dinner.

      1. My wife and I enjoy Dante's once and awhile as well, mainly because they are the only decent non-chain italian food available in our area (404/Major MacKenzie area) I also love their pastas!

        1. As far as I am concerned, there is NO other pizza which compares to Dantes! They are outstanding! I visited Toronto and the surrounding townships fairly recently, and was lucky enough to have tried a Dantes Pizza via a friend of mine.

          NOW...I live was born and live in Southern California. There are many local pizza eateries, Hollywood style "Wolfgang Puck" type pizzas, California Pizza kitchens...yadda yadda yadda.

          NOTHING compares to the quality, freshness, taste and value (you get what you pay for) than a Dantes pizza. My only gripe is that I have to fly over Two thousand miles to get one! I had their pizza on more than one occasion. Each time, their pizza was delivered piping hot, heaped with whichever toppings I specified. And sure, it is a bit more than "regular" pizza. But they are not regular in any sense of the word. Their pizza is fantastic! I didnt mind paying more than the conventional pizza because you truly got your moneys worth and more.

          I would whole heartily recommend Dantes Pizza to anyone in the area, and especially to the tourist who visits Ontario. You owe it to yourself to find this hidden treasure!

          1. I've been going there for about 25 years now and if that doesn't say something to you nothing will. They have expanded their dining room through the years and now literally have fleets of deliver drivers flying around the area. To be honest, their dining room service isn't usually that great (at times downright crappy) but going there is worth it. I don't understand why they expanded their menu to include stuff that doesn't make sense to be there but *shrug* whatever, I stick to the core oldies but goodies.

            As much as I like their pizza, I adore their meat lazagna! To me its the best thing on their menu. The tangy sauce, nthe gooey cheese. *drool* Its a bit pricy but not really when you consider that one order, as take out is usually a meal for two and we're both very stuffed. As an eat in meal, we often have some left over to go with a salad the next day or one person swoops in and snaps it up first and its a pouty war.

            When I was a student and on a more limited budget, I'd get a 'side order' of Italian Meatballs. Sopping up the sauce with the rolls they give you was such fun. When taken home a quick batch of pasta would stretch it further.

            Their salad's are HUGE as in to be eaten family style and definately not to be tackled on your own. I have only tried they crab ceasar and never seemed to stray from that yummyness.

            I usually stick to the 'Za or lasagna but on occasion, I haved strayed and/or tried my dining companion's dish. Their meat ravioli was killer, chicken or veal parmigiana, dauntingly huge (but not nearly as good as California Sandwiches), canneloni and tortellini are good but not good enough to make me stray from my beloved lasagna.


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              I've been going there for over 26 years. Veal sandwiches are to die for. Dining in is also very pleasant whether you're there for pizza & beer after a tennis game or dining with freinds and family.

            2. Does Dante's deliver to downtown Toronto?

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              1. Dante's pasta is amazing for the price. Their meat sauce is thick and tasty. My dad swears by their pizza and it's one of the only pizza places in Toronto he will eat from. I personally find the crust too crispy for my liking. Their best deal is the Veal Cutlet dinner which comes with about 2lbs of veal in tomato sauce with peppers, mushrooms and onions as well as a regular sized salad and half order of pasta. All of that for $19. They also have Italian sandwiches which are very large and very much worth it at around $11 each. Dante's is expensive so expect to spend about $30-40 for two people. They have no LLBO but that's not really important for me when looking for a restaurant as I do not usually drink out.

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                  I have never been to Dante's. Are they the one at 267 Bay Thorn Drive at Thornhill?

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                    According to their website (http://www.dantesitalian.ca) posted earlier in this thread, yes.

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                      Thank you for the link. I printed the coupon from their website and save me $5. Food is good. The Deluxe pizza is the best main-stream pizza I ever had. Will definitely go back and order sth different ... I meant different toppings. I also tried the Veal dinner. It's good deal and also good taste.

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                    They actually sell the sauce bottled. from their menu: "Litre Tomato Sauce" $6.75. Whenever I am there I try and get one... its just too good to pass up.

                  3. Dante's smoked provolone and prosciutto salad with house dressing is also yummy. One salad is enough to feed the 2 of us for a meal.

                    1. Or, "Dante's... Hold a line, please," as it was known in my family.

                      Food? Outstanding. The pizza has a freshness and a quality you'd be hard pressed to find pretty much anywhere else.

                      For the meat eaters - or those not worried about cholesterol,
                      saturated fat or blood pressure - there's also a dish called (I think)"Italian specialty." It's sliced veal, veggies, cheese, peppers and Dante's famous tomato sauce all baked together into enough food for four hungry people. For four days.

                      We did once have a problem with a Dante's pizza. When we called to complain, they sent another driver out to retrieve the errant pie. And then a third, an hour later, with our replacement. No apology, explanation or offer of compensation, of course.

                      But the 'tude is part of the experience. It's like the Seinfeld soup Nazi - you eat the food, and enjoy it, because of the atmosphere, not despite it.

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                        We've been back a few times since I first posted, but I haven't tried the delivery yet.

                        I've found though that they typically get busy later on in the evenings on Fridays (the day we normally go). If you get there before 7:30 you'll usually have a seat, but after that there seems to always be people standing around waiting.

                        Their salads are very good, and all their food is meant for sharing!

                        I haven't experienced any attitude from them as yet, but still the food is great and even a little attitude would not spoil it.

                      2. went for dinner last night.

                        Pretty much a rehash of what others have already said.

                        Portions were massive. Food was excellent.

                        We ordered the Italian Fiesta (meatballs, veal, sausage, etcin red sauce ) > Came with huge side salad (basic green iceberg but nice). The meatballs were especially good.

                        Lasgna, very very good.

                        Super Deluxe Pizza. The amount of toppings they put on is mind boggling compared to most chain places.

                        Onion rings . Wow delic, andagain huge portions.

                        Bill was aroun $80 and we probably ordered enough for 6 people

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                          We went for most of the same items last week though we did the delivery route instead. A friend of mine always used to recommend the delivery option for the pizza, noting that ingredients melded together better with the longer sitting time, but now I'm not so sure after the last couple of tries.

                          Super Deluxe Pizza still quite good. Fiesta and lasagna look deceptively small in the takeout containers, but they're still a decent size. Meatballs nice, veal overdone with sitting time. I wasn't so impressed with the lasagna, though I can't say I've really liked any restaurant ones. Crab salad was okay.. prolly should've went for crab caesar or prosciutto & provolone. Onion rings are a bad idea for takeout. I guess the main point is that I should eat at the restaurant itself. Really though, I've felt that ever since they closed down for a short time (maybe a couple years ago?), the pizza has gone from great to very good, and they started skimping on stuff like pizza and salad toppings. And the prices went up. But hey, c'est la vie. Pizza still the best around.

                        2. Finally tried Dante's delivery last night. We wanted to try something other than our usual (Domino's).

                          I didn't realize how big the pizza was so I ordered 2 large pizzas. Wow, are those huge. My brother and I who were eating did not even get through one (which is usually the case when we order at Domino's). So we have plenty left over for lunch today. Also ordered garlic bread with cheese which was also nice (4 big slices).

                          Was very happy with the food. Yeah, it's more expensive than Domino's but boy did we get our fill!

                          1. Definitely some of the best pizza in the GTA, though I feel they have started scrimp on their toppings the last few years. Their pepperoni (which is some of the best you'll ever have on a pizza)keeps getting cut thinner and thinner, and I believe they used be a little heavier on the cheese. If only they had some serious competition up this neck of woods, they'd either have to lower their prices or make the pizza like they used to.

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                              Not sure where your "Neck of the woods" is but give Toppers a try. Really good pizza and a decent price. It's our usual. Dante's for a special occasion.


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                                I am actually in Thornhill so I have the luxury of easily picking up a pizza rather than waiting an hour for delivery. On a sidenote it is unbelievable how many Dante's delivery cars you'll see around the 'hood on a Sunday night.

                                Where is this Toppers? I recall that Toppers was the name of a Pizza-Pizza like chain I had in Sudbury, which sufficed after a night of heavy beer drinking, though I think any pizza will do in that situation (anyone who is familiar with Vancouver's ubiquitous 99 cent slices knows that inedible pizza becomes manna when the bars get out).

                                When I am feeling frugal I'll usually go with Mama's Pizza or Laterna. If I'm going to allot myself that many calories for dinner I sure as heck don't want Pizza-Pizza or 2-4-1 and don't mind paying paying few bucks more.

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                                  They have a number of them in York Region. They claim to have Italian bread crust. Whatever, they do make a great pizza dough.
                                  They do have one in Sudbury but I dare say it's a damned sight better than Pizza Pizza.