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Jul 1, 2006 06:32 PM

Zum Schneider for Tuesday's semifinal--HELP!

If anyone is planning to head over to Zum Schneider today at 5 to buy tickets for the Germany-Italy game on Tuesday, and is only planning to buy a ticket or two, would that person be willing to consider buying two tickets for myself and my boyfriend?

I know it seems irresponsible & ill-planned that we can't be there to buy them ourselves, but we're moving from Long Island to Brooklyn on Monday and there's no way we can make it to Manhattan this weekend (and no way we'll have cable TV by Tuesday to watch at home). We are very conscientious kids & will be happy to send money via PayPal or simply exchange money for tickets outside the bar. And buy you a beer.

Will be happy to attempt to return the favor if possible.

Thank you for reading. Please respond to this post or e-mail kNOSPAMbridges@NOSPAM!!! with the obvious bits of the address removed. Much, much obliged.

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