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Bojangles Chicken

We do not have Bojangles in the midwest and I note from their website that they have withdrawn from some ares that they used to be in. This is a chain similar to Popeyes Chicken in that they tout spicy chicken as a specialty. Is their chicken still decent? And do they still have those bad/addictively good cinnamon sticks?

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  1. Bojangles makes excellent fried chicken. They play up a Cajun theme. They have two types of chicken, Cajun (with a coating of cayenne pepper under the crust) and Southern (typical fried chicken). They use sausage gravy on their potatoes, have dirty rice as a side choice, and cajun seasoning (Tony Satcheries) on their fries. They also specialize in biscuit sandwiches, which are served all day long, and have a list of other sandwiches, such as chicken fillet and BBQ chicken.

    1. Bojangles has great fried chicken and terrific biscuits...with lard. Don't know about the cinnamon sticks. We have a friend who lives near a Bojangles and brings their chicken to our football tailgate and it is gone in a flash no matter how much he brings.

      1. Bo's is pretty awesome chicken, and the biscuits are the best that I have found in a fast food place, not chemical tasting like KFC. I love their chicken supremes (chicken tenders).

        Their sweet tea is legendary as well.


        1. very similar to popeyes but to me nothing will beat popeyes. this is a close 2nd when there are no popeyes close by. but the biscuits does vary from store to store from what i have seen. since i have eaten from different stores and the biscuits are shaped a bit differently and does taste a bit differently to me.

          1. If we ever relocate out of NC - one of the things I will miss most is a Bojangle cajun filet biscuit with what I call their "crack" fries. Soooo good. Definitely the best fast food chicken I've ever had.

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              my favorite saturday morning breakfast when I lived in NC was a bojangles sausage biscuit w/ gravy, an order of fries w/ extra seasoning and a sweet tea.

              We recenlty got a couple here around ATL, but they don't serve fries in the morning.

            2. Bo's is completely addictive, but as much as I love it, I'll admit that some locations/franchises are far superior to others. In my hometown, everyone grew up knowing there was one Bo's that was good and one that was nasty. I just wish they could be a little more consistent, because when that place is good...there's nothing better!

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                talk about unhealthy... but SO good and greasy. Great post-drinking food. Chicken biscuit, with fries and a red soda. that is the best.

              2. There used to be a Bojangles in NYC (Chelsea area). It shut down over 15 years ago, but I loved their fried chicken! Where do they operate now?

                1. Bojangles is the only fast food I know of that still makes food from scratch. Their food is truly addictive. The biscuits are the best anywhere and their chicken is perfectly seasoned. It is cajun but not super hot, and not greasy like KFC or Popeyes. And the dirty rice is sooooo good. I only go to other fast food because of convenience, there is none I am really crazy about. But Bojangles food will cause you to have serious cravings. And I love how you can get breakfast anytime of day. It is unique. If you do not have one in the area you should make it a point to try when traveling.

                  1. bojangles is amazing. repeat A-MAZING. i'm from nc and every time i go home i must have my cajun chicken biscuit fix. and a sweet tea. and bo-rounds. wow. i can hear james taylor now....

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                      Their chicken is awesome, very crisp and shattery coating, not salty at all, and unbelievably juicy...so much so that I am extremely curious how they get it that way (most likely some type of addition) . Also, the pieces are just the perfect size...not too large or small. They also have an all-you-can-eat on Wednesdays that is only seven dollars and includes as much sides and biscuits as you want. I went through 6 legs, two thighs, and two breasts.

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                        Where do you live? They're not offering that deal in my area. If they were, you wouldn't be able to drag me out of there on Wednesdays.

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                          Charleston, SC, but I would be surprised if they didn't offer it at a lot of their locations...check it out...

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                            I think the location near me in Columbia, SC has that deal as well.

                    2. I've only eaten at Bojangles once. The chicken was dripping with grease and made me sick as a dog, and the biscuits had a bizarre chemical aftertaste. It may just have been the one store I went to, but as sick as it made me I won't be taking a chance on another location.

                      1. Today I will yet again indulge in the AYCE at the area Bojangles...I only hope I don't throw up from stuffing too much delicious, juicy chicken in my gullet.

                        1. The AYCE was excellent yet again...only had two legs, a thigh, a breast, and a wing this time, with two helpings of fries, also of cole slaw, and one of grreen beans. The chicken is so good mostly because it is so juicy...this is definitely highly engineered food, but I don't care!

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                            I stopped by one at the Charlotte Airport and grabbed some of those Bo Berry Biscuits, there were really sweet but oh sooo good!