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Jul 1, 2006 06:06 PM

Bojangles Chicken

We do not have Bojangles in the midwest and I note from their website that they have withdrawn from some ares that they used to be in. This is a chain similar to Popeyes Chicken in that they tout spicy chicken as a specialty. Is their chicken still decent? And do they still have those bad/addictively good cinnamon sticks?

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  1. Bojangles makes excellent fried chicken. They play up a Cajun theme. They have two types of chicken, Cajun (with a coating of cayenne pepper under the crust) and Southern (typical fried chicken). They use sausage gravy on their potatoes, have dirty rice as a side choice, and cajun seasoning (Tony Satcheries) on their fries. They also specialize in biscuit sandwiches, which are served all day long, and have a list of other sandwiches, such as chicken fillet and BBQ chicken.

    1. Bojangles has great fried chicken and terrific biscuits...with lard. Don't know about the cinnamon sticks. We have a friend who lives near a Bojangles and brings their chicken to our football tailgate and it is gone in a flash no matter how much he brings.

      1. Bo's is pretty awesome chicken, and the biscuits are the best that I have found in a fast food place, not chemical tasting like KFC. I love their chicken supremes (chicken tenders).

        Their sweet tea is legendary as well.


        1. very similar to popeyes but to me nothing will beat popeyes. this is a close 2nd when there are no popeyes close by. but the biscuits does vary from store to store from what i have seen. since i have eaten from different stores and the biscuits are shaped a bit differently and does taste a bit differently to me.

          1. If we ever relocate out of NC - one of the things I will miss most is a Bojangle cajun filet biscuit with what I call their "crack" fries. Soooo good. Definitely the best fast food chicken I've ever had.

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              my favorite saturday morning breakfast when I lived in NC was a bojangles sausage biscuit w/ gravy, an order of fries w/ extra seasoning and a sweet tea.

              We recenlty got a couple here around ATL, but they don't serve fries in the morning.