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Jul 1, 2006 05:58 PM

HOTPOSTS....needs help

The Hotpost section needs to be broken back into recognizable Boards or it is basically unusable....please make it like it the old Hotposts, I didn't read all the new posts in every board, just the ones that interested me...

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  1. The drop down menu at the top lets you select the board(s) you want to see.

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    1. re: yayadave

      How different is this result from just visiting that board? With the new organization, posts are reordered every time someone responds, right? So the regular view of the board is essentially the newest posts, yes? (The question marks here aren't rhetorical; I'm still a bit shakey on the new system...)

      1. re: emarcus

        Hah! Let's start at the end. After you read all the "Hot Posts" that interest you, you click "mark all as read." At that point, you have zero hot posts listed. If you check back with "Hot Posts" in twelve hours, there may be 100 new hot posts. You don't feel like wading through all of them just to find ten you want to read. So that's when you go to the drop down menu and select the boards you want to see. If you did a "mark all as read" the last time you were looking at the individual board's hot posts, all you see now is the new ones.

        Geeze, I hope this makes some sense.

    2. Yes ofcourse, however everytime you want to go to another boards' hotposts you have to scroll back to the top the cartouche, wade through ALL and I do mean ALL of the myriad new boards, everytime you want to go to another board...Old hotposts, you just scrolled down and chose the boards you wanted to read......this new version seems counter intuitive and inefficient....

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      1. re: ChowFun_derek


        krissywats found a shortcut to make this process a little less laborious. I'm copying and pasting carswell's explanation from a whole Hot Posts thread that you might want to see on the Site Talk board:

        "As for krissywat's tip, just click the down arrow to drop down the boards menu and start typing away. You're automatically taken to the first menu item that starts with the letters you've typed. Cool."

        1. re: Dave Feldman

          Yes but that doesn't give you the overall "browsing" view, complete with who's posted. I do miss that.

      2. I've noticed an inconsistency in Hotposts:

        Go to Hotposts. Select "All of Chowhound" -- see a list of posts -- now click on "Mark all as read". There's no more list of posts.

        Now instead of "All of Chowhound," select a specific board, any one. A list of unread posts appears for that board, even though "All of Chowhound" was marked as read a second ago.

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        1. re: limster

          Agreed. Clicking "Mark all as read" when looking at "All of Chowhound" should...mark all as read for all of Chowhound. Otherwise, there's no other way to do it.

        2. Clicking on "Mark all as read" when "All of Chowhound” is selected in hot posts, clears it only when you select that view.

          To clear a specific board, you must click on the "Mark all as read" link for that board.

          We like this very much.

          We are planning a trip to Europe. We like that when we have time we can go to those boards and pick up were we left off in hot posts. This allows us to always read the boards in hot post rather than having to use the boards tab.

          We can clear all topics from the ‘All of Chowhound’ view when we sign off.

          When we sign onto Chowound we use the “All of Chowhound” view and look at all the new topics for all boards since we last visited Chowhound. If nothing interests us, we “Mark all as read”.

          Then we select International from the drop down lists and read a few new topics.

          We can go back to “All of Chowhound” and easily check if there have been any new posts while reading the International board. Does that make sense?

          Please don’t change it. We don’t like the flash map. We always forget to hover and click on boards. With hot posts we never need to use the board menu at the top of the page, unless we get that hot post problem of posts disappearing off the list while we are in the middle of reading it.