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Jul 1, 2006 05:07 PM

This is new site is not working well for me

I've been a regular contributor for years, but this shift may lose me. For some reason, this site (*alone* of the sites I have been trying to access these past few days) is just glacial, even on DSL broadband. The graphical features seem to be the hangup.

Because each screen takes so long to load, I've given up trying to find out if there are answers to some of my questions in previous threads.

Some commonsense questions:

1. It there a way to keep the splash of recent posts to boards I select?

2. Is there a way to expand the viewable posts from 20 to something more useable, like, say, 100?

I would like to try to like this new site, but it's so slow that I may cease to be a regular contributor.

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  1. Hi Karl, have you tried "My Chow" on the header at the top of the page. It's only posts that you have started or contributed to yourself. I love it. We'd hate to lose such an erudite poster as yourself for no good reason!

    1. I use the site on dial up at home. It's slightly slower than the old software but more than fast enough. At work with broadband it flies. I suspect there's a setting issue for you. You'll not that slowness is not on the list of complaints so the issue can't be a common one.

      The number of topics per page was recently expanded from 20 to 40.

      Hot Posts is back.

      I'm sure your problems can be resolved. Please stick with it.

      1. I suspect that the site employs Flash for just about everything -- I note that when you get into a long thread (say, the 50+ posts in the current one about the interface) that it takes several seconds for the computer to "unfreeze" which, coincidentally, is when the graphics kick in. I also note that there are occasional pieces of text in posts that simply are not rendered at all on my screen, which may be an issue between Flash and my video settings. I suspect another Flash issue is causing the links in the Big Red Box at the bottom of the screen to freeze my entire computer at times.

        I have never had problems with Flash before but OTOH it is not something I particularly cared about since it was mostly used for ads and other annoyances, so why would I care? Now I do though. It would be nice to have something posted about version #s required, minimum computer configurations, etc., if gee-whiz software is what's needed.

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        1. re: Greg B

          The map on the "boards" page is the only Flash I'v seen on the site proper. The rest of the effects -- the fades, the way the posts slide down to reveal the board list, etc. -- are all plain 'ol HTML and Javascript, albeit of the snazzy variety you usually only saw on the likes of Google Maps, GMail and parts of Yahoo. It's not gonna be snappy on a 256MB, 5-plus-year-old computer but loading the Outer Boroughs or Bay Area thread lists on the old site wasn't either.

        2. I have DSL but have absolutely not noticed the pages loading any slower than before. In fact, the site actually seems faster. I wonder if there might be some issue with your browser...

          1. I'm on a cable connection and the boards fly for me, as fast as any forum software I've experienced. My only complaints have been how long it takes to find new replies on long threads.

            Using myChow and Hot Posts makes a big difference. I have to agree that you might have a settings issue.

            I haven't frozen once. Maybe just luck.