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Jul 1, 2006 05:04 PM

Trip itineray for SF trip... Places Open for Breakfast and Lunch on the 4th?

Visiting from L.A. and am really frustrated that two places I really wanted to try (Tadich Grill and Bodega Bistro) will not be open for lunch on the 4th.

Called Tartine Bakery to ask if they were going to be open Monday and Tuesday... but no replies to my message yet :(
Does anyone out there know if it's open on the 4th? If Tartine Bakery isn't open on the 4th, should I trade in the Larder for a trip to Tartine instead? In Boulette's Larder vs. Tartine Bakery for breakfast, which do you prefer?

So, what IS open on the 4th that is going to be worth eating for breakfast and lunch?

So far, my itineray is as follows:
Monday breakfast: Boulette's Larder
Monday lunch: Cafe Claude

Tuesday breakfast: ???
Tuesday lunch: ???

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  1. Dear Hounds,
    I really need your help with a lunch suggestion for the 4th of July. What's good and open?
    Tartine Bakery IS open BOTH Monday AND Tuesday! YAY!!!!!!

    Updated itinerary:
    Mon: Boulette's Larder and Cafe Claude
    Tuesday: Tartine and...???

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      What a polite way to move this post up in the list. Sorry we forgot about you. However, there is this new software that people are getting familiar with and with the holiday weekend a lot of people are away and not reading the board.

      What part of the city will you be visiting on Tuesday? I would think that there would be lots open in North Beach. Robert keeps mentioning that Rose Pistola is good and I I want to try it.

      I did a search on opentable for restaurants open on the 4th for lunch and most of them you don't want to eat at, really. I did notice Catch and Fior D'Italia. Never been to either place, but IIRC the both get positive mentions on the board.

      Since you mention Tadich will be closed and you wanted to go there, maybe Catch will satify your fish cravings.

      Actually what would be cool is to take the Ferry to Sausalito and go to a restaurant there CALLED .Fish. You probably would want to take a cab from the ferry, but it is not a long ride. Wonderful seafood and it has picnic tables outside on a pier on Richardson Bay. I'd call them first to make sure they are open.

      If you think you would be interested in .Fish (there's a period in front of the name), then I'll look for the restaurant website as that isn't a friendly name to search on anywhere.

      P.S. By time you read this I guess you will already have gone to Boulette's Larder for breakfast. Hope you will report back.

      You could post about breakfast and then link back to this thread so you don't get over looked again. Hope your trip is wonderful.

      1. re: rworange

        Fish. is terrific. Just a minor quibble: the period is at the end. Of Fish., that is. The website is the Fish. Times here: