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Jul 1, 2006 04:56 PM

Put some other colors on that palette CH artists !

The colors used on these Boards are beat. Other Boards utilize a huge array of colors. This board is grey and dismal, and uses very subtle differences in colors or shades. (It's difficult sometimes to distinguish the "white" from the washed out pink/majenta color they use to represent new versus old threads). I could talk about this ad nauseum, but the introduction of "other" and more "CONTRASTING" colors will make finding new unread replies easier, and even make reading the Boards a bit more pleasing - at least to the eyes. Looking for that minute tiny little "NEW" box just isn't cutting it right now. Make it GREEN, and see what happens. Yeah, baby. The same goes with the shading you're presently using. That beat greyish color. Ugghhh. Come on, use some colors. Colors with greater contrast. I'm not expecting the Boards to look like a rainbow, but change the palette if you need to.

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