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Jul 1, 2006 04:43 PM

Dinner in Fort Worth

We are looking for two great dinners in Fort Worth...cuisine doesn't matter as long as it's the best eats possible. Since we're mainly going to check-out the Modern, we plan on making a reservation to lunch there. We are absolutely unfamiliar with the Fort Worth area, so any suggestions would be incredibly helpful.

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  1. Babe's Chicken Dinner House. Well, it's not fancy but it has some of the best fried chicken around. There is one north of Ft. Worth in a small town and a new one about 10 miles south of downtown off of 35W in a small town. It's family style, and out of this world fried chicken. Their vegtables, which are all you can eat, are great southern style and their biscuits with honey are very yummy.

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      Babe's is OK, if you are looking for relatively inexpensive, "country-style" fried chicken or catfish. But I wouldn't say it's the best Fort Worth has to offer, by any means.

      On the other hand, if you are looking for something more upscale you might try Lanny's Alta Cocina Mexicana, which is very sophisticated Mexican food. A review is located here:

      The restaurant's website is

      You might also try searching some earlier Texas posts, since this question comes up frequently.

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        Where is Lanny's now, do they have a website, do they have an a la carte menu as well as the degustation? Know where I can take a look at a menu? Thanks.

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          Everything you're asking about is on the website Kirk linked to in this discussion about 2 weeks ago. Scroll up a bit and you'll see it. They do serve individual dishes.

          After you've had a look, I hope you'll start a new conversation by reporting back on your impressions of the chow.

          1. re: Knoblauch

            I found Lanny's to be overpriced and lacking in taste,,I was very anxious to try Joe T's grandson's stuff but overall was disappointed,,perhaps I owe him a second chance?

      2. You already made a good call by having lunch at The Cafe at The Modern. Make sure someone orders the Portobello Melt. Let us know if you enjoy it.
        If you're a Chowhound, you'll probably stop by Central Market after lunch.

        Dinner recommendations;

        For cheap, hit the Mellow Mushroom on Bluebonnet Circle. Those guys are actually making real pizza.

        For Mexican, Mi Cocina is a beautiful place with interesting Mexican food -- not tex-mex. There's one downtown and one at I-30 and Hulen. Take your pick. They're both pretty locations with pretty plates of food.

        The wild card is a new place called The Covey. It's on Hulen a few miles south of I-30. It's a brewpub, but with some very upscale food.

        Let us know what you eat.

        - Jeremy

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          Mi Cocina is "Mexican food -- not Tex-Mex"? Are we thinking of the same place ( )?


          1. re: Scott

            You beat me to it by 20 minutes or so, Scott.

            I can't think of a thing I've eaten at Mi Cocina that is NOT Tex-Mex. Or worth eating again, for that matter, except maybe the brisket tacos.

            Last time I had the Tacos al Carbon (at $16.95, I might add), the meat had been pre-cooked and reheated.

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          1. I agree with the Lanny's Alta Cocina recommendation, and if you really don't mind going upscale twice, my other choice would be Lonesome Dove, in the Stockyards, for great southwestern.

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              Seconded. Lonesome Dove is awesome. I normally don't like tricked-out steaks, but their garlic-stuffed beef tenderloin is amazing.

              1. re: tom in austin

                Third the motion,,in my opion Lonesome Dove is the better of the Lot. I rank teh SW choices in town as 1. Lonesome Dove 2. Bonnell's 3. Reata all 3 are very good and on most nights choice is decided by distance you want to travel or part of town