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Jul 1, 2006 04:23 PM

Il Mulino Review, Sunny Isles

I finally tried Il Mulino, a lovely new italian in the Aqualina Building in Sunny Isles last night. I thought others might like a review. Driving up to this resort gives an elegant and chic impression. You will walk through a series of Lobby spaces where no expense has been spared. When my husband and I asked where the restaraunt was, we were personally led there in a gracious manner. The interior of Il Mulino is dark, filled with fresh flowers and beautiful accessories. There is a comfortable bar area and the place seats about 45 or so. There are two seating levels and a private room in the back. The maitre 'd was warm and welcoming and we were seated promptly. All diners are served with slices of pepperoni, roasted eggplant, fresh parmesan, and several types of delicious breads. There were many specials in addition to the menu. We ate two pasta dishes that were split between us, consisting of a delicious truffle stuffed ravioli and paglia e fieno--peas, pancetta and cream. Both were very rich ( and I would pass on the paglia next time). I ordered langoustines and risotto in a garlic/butter sauce. It was tasty, but too rich follwing the pasta. My husband had the rack of lamb and found it good but expensive at $60! We were too full to order much for dessert but shared fresh peach sorbet served in a frozen, scooped peach with berries which was good and refreshing. We each had cappucino which was excellent. Homemade grappa is offered on a complimentary basis. I would drink this at your own risk because it is very potent! We had ordered two drinks, and one glass of wine with dinner. The bill totalled $200. I was impressed with this space and liked the food though it is definitely pricey. Service was absolutely excellent. I say, for a splurge, give this one a try.....

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  1. I have dined at the NYC location on numerous occasions and I can say this with a fact: Il Mulino is totally over-rated. The food is mediocre and the service is horrid. My risotto with langoustines which could have been so beautiful was weighed down with peas, carrots and lobster meat. The langoustines had been taken out of their shell and ruined by a wine salty wine sauce with a strong alcohol flavor. My grilled porcinis were doused in olive oil and dry. I saw the waiter present a woman with a birthday cake and then put the cake and candle back on the display to be reused later. Just over all lazy cooking and service. Dont waste your time or money.