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Jul 1, 2006 03:28 PM

Visiting Austin soon...great or unusual weekend brunch?

Hey y'all...Bay Area grandfather visiting the kids in Austin in a couple of weeks. I'm not familiar with the local dining scene, and I don't trust my son's family to know good food until they taste it, if even

I'd like to take them to a delicious Sunday brunch somewhere in the greater Austin area -- preferably an upscale place with some unusual choices beyond the usual Eggs Benedict and mimosas. Ambience important too.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Enoteca, an Italian eatery on South Congress, offers a great brunch with housemade sausage, wonderful, creamy polenta and a great bread plate.

    Fonda San Miguel off North Loop focuses on interior mexican cuisine and has a beautiful brunch with varying offerings of quail, lamb chops and excellent mole'.

    Fonda San Miguel is more upscale, but Enoteca is definitely no slouch.

    1. The Sunday Brunch at Moooshine Bar and Grill is really terrific.

      1. Green Pastures sounds like it might just fit the bill. You can do a search and see if you agree. Enjoy.

        1. I like SoCo Cafe at about 1500 South Congress. It is in an interesting area of trendy shops and antique stores, not far from downtown. Try something with crawfish gravy.

          Manuel's serves a good Mexican brunch, with live jazz, on Sundays. They make the best Huevos Montelenos that I've had north-of-the-border. It is on Congress between 3rd and 4th.


          1. I second Moonshine. Four "stations" each with it's own style of food. I like that they offer Texas favorites like King Ranch Chicken and corned beef hash with chile cheese grits,as well as some more upscale options. The dessert white chocolate bread pudding with burbon suace is wonderful. I think it's around $12 as opposed to Fonda's $40ish. Moonshine also is in a historic old house with a really great outside deck