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Jul 1, 2006 02:01 PM

mango juice: what is it, and where to find it?

My favorite cocktail book has several recipes calling for "mango juice." I have tried using mango pulp, i.e., putting a ripe mango in the blender with some lemon juice and water, but that is obviously *wrong* as the results are way too thick.

Where can I find the elusive "mango juice" that will mix well with rum in a cocktail shaker and strain prettily into a glass? I'd rather buy than make, if possible.

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  1. Not sure if it's the same thing, but I got mine from Asian grocery. It's quite sweet & concentrated, but not as thick as the pulp (which is also sold in a form of can). Also spotted at nearby Giant's in International/Latin section.

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      sounds promising ... if it will keep my drink from looking like a lava lamp, it'll be better than what I had before!

    2. Mango juice is not sold in this country. Close enough is mango nectar made by Goya or other latin american bottlers. It is sweetened and is more a drink than 100% juice.

      Mango Pulp in cans is mango concentrate with sugar added. Just get the cans and dilute the pulp to consistency of juice.

      1. Try your local Lebanese/Middle Eastern grocery. There are a few different brands all of which are quite pulpy. Goya at most supermarkets, though as naruda says, this is more of a "drink".

        1. Kalustyan's offers three different mango juice.

          Kalustyans is one of the city's best stores. They are very reliable. If you call and tell them what you want the mj for, they might be able to give you more guidance. ( Indians make a drink called "lassi" that uses mango juice so Indian shops will usually have mj.}