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Jul 1, 2006 01:44 PM

Restaurant/Server blog

I have heard from a few friends who work in restaurants in the Boston area that there is a server blog. Does anyone know about this?

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  1. The one I know of is

    I read it for a while but I think he's obnoxious and makes a lot of stuff up (come on, EVERY woman wants him and flirts with him in an obvious manner?). I finally stopped reading it because I just couldn't buy what he was selling: didn't make sense in terms of human nature.....

    1. It's for more than just Boston: see . It's a largely unmoderated board, so there's a lot of nasty, unfiltered, unhelpful stuff there, but it's plenty interesting reading, and some people actually stay on the intended topic, which is exposing exploitive and abusive restaurant owners and managers.

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          FYI, "shamelessrestaurants" isn't really a blog, more a Chowhound-like, multi-city bulletin board. The author of "waiterrant" is based in New York, and I personally find him quite entertaining, if occasionally grain-of-salt-worthy.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. For some light entertainemnt, try

          It supposedly has true anecdotes and lists celebrity best and worst tippers.