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Jul 1, 2006 01:32 PM

The homebody is finally going out w/o the kids (Vienna/Tysons/McLean)

Hubby and I were never big on eating out consequently, we haven't been out without them for nearly 10 years (yes that's far, far too long). I'm looking for a recommendation for a decent not to fancy adult restaurant near Vienna, for 2 couple date night that won't be too much of a shock to the system.

Thanks in advance chowhounds

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  1. One of the great American Restos would fit the bill. Either Sweetwater in Merrifield, especially if you want to peruse the beers, or Arties in Fairfax, just south of the circle would be good choices. There are some kids that come to each, but not very many in general. Sweetwater probably draws fewer of them.

    Now that the warm weather is upon us though, I would rec one of the places in Lake Anne in Reston (just drive up Hunter Mill to Wiehle). You can have a nice walk before or after along some of the trails and check out a couple of the shops there (a good used book store is there). Cafe Montmarte is my favorite, but Jasmine gets good reviews. Based on a coworker's experience, I'd pass on the place to the left of Cafe Montmarte (an American grill with tapas?). La Kasbah is tucked away, but is good morrocan fare.

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      I'm not much on Sweetwater (which can get very loud), but Artie's is a very good suggestion. The boathouse Steak Salad is my favorite.

    2. Try the shamshimary across the street from the hummer dealership in tysons. Excellent persian and arguably the best rice in all of washington area.

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        Correct spelling: Shamshirry. Difficult to find, but worth the effort.

      2. That would be Shamshiry 8>P and yes it's very good.

        I've been hearing a lot (mostly good) about a place called Bazin's in Vienna. But with twins just shy of 2, we'll probably never get there.

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          Bazin's is also reported to be noisy, but then aren't they all, particularly in Northern VA, the land of the kids and converted warehouses? ;)

          Shamshiry isn't that hard to find. Go west on Rt 7 and turn left on Westwood Center Drive - there is indeed a Hummer dealer there but I think Moore Cadillac is a better landmark. Look for the Ringmaster's restaurant in the strip on the left about a block down. Shamshiry is next to it, on the aisle leading to the parking garage. Best to park in the garage - there are lots of "you will be towed" warning signs around there.

          But Shamshriy is also noisy. :-(

        2. I definitely recommend Bazin's. It's a much welcomed addition to the Vienna neighborhood. Have been twice now, once in the dining room and once at the bar. Have had two very impressive meals. The noise level isn't an issue unless you're looking for a romantic dinner.