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Jul 1, 2006 01:08 PM

Where to get good Chicharrones?

My last meal on earth: a fresh, hand-made corn tortilla wrapped around some chicharrones with a sprinkling of squeezed lemon. Unfortunately I haven't been able to have this snack ever since I moved to Chicago nine months ago.

Can any of you recommend somewhere to get chicharrones with meat? I've found many of places to just get the outer skin (like Carnitas Urapan), but I'm looking for a place that also includes a layer of fat and some meat.

Please help a fellow food lover reunite with his death row meal.

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  1. I recall having some delicious chicharrones at Rique's about a year ago. I don't recall the dish in specifics to know whether it would meet what you are looking for, but the entire meal was very good and exceeded expectations. You might want to give it a try.

    5004 N. Sheridan, Chicago

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      1. I would try the Pilsen neighborhood. It's full of authentic Mexican restaurants and grocery stores. My dad loves the chicharones from the grocery store that's next to La Casa Del Pueblo. La Casa Del Pueblo is a bare bones no atmosphere buffet cafeteria style restaurant with many fantastic homestyle dishes...mole, picadillo with rice and beans, pork stew in green salsa, chicken soup, beef soup, tortas de camaron, etc., etc. Also stop at the El Milagro Totilleria and Taqueria for fresh hot tortillas and great tacos.