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Jul 1, 2006 12:35 PM

Restaurant near Voorhees (near Cherry Hill) for pre-wedding dinner


We are attending a Sunday afternoon wedding at the Mansion in Voorhees in August. A group of 10 or 12 people will be coming in early and staying Saturday night. WE'd all like to go out to dinner in the area at a moderate priced restaurant for a party of 10 or 12 where there would be volume level enough for conversation. I'm in Philly so not familiar with that area.'

Any ideas Chowhounds?



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  1. I live within walking distance of the Mansion. Across the street is Arnie's Gourmet Steak House. I'm not sure if I can post a link to it, so I won't, but they do have a website. I don't know what you'd consider moderate, so...check the manu prices. Within the Main Street complex itself is the Main Street Pub, but it is a pub, so please bear that in mind. I've eaten there countless times in the past ten years. I like it. It's casual, but there's always a nice crowd there. Family atmosphere and a varied menu. It's not expensive at all. Over on Route 73, not 5 minutes from the Mansion, is Scaturro's. I haven't been there since they changed over to this name and will try to get back with details.

    1. One of our favorite places to go with a group is Siri's, on Route 70 in Cherry Hill. It's in a strip mall, right across from where the race track used to be. BYOB.

      It's fusion/continental - menu varied enough for everyone. They have large round tables if you want that. They also have a smaller room off from the large room. We have been there when it is filled, and we can still talk. There is a parking lot.

      I don't know if they have a menu online, but we have never been with anyone who had trouble choosing from their menu. I like their fish preparations very much. Excellent appetizers, which can be shared, and very good desserts. Meat eaters can find good lamb, duck, etc.

      You are also near Ponzio's, which has many rooms. They don't usually take reservations, but probably do for a large party. Not gourmet, but very good, reliable food.

      If everyone can eat Asian, we like Coconut Bay, on White Horse Road not far from the Ritz 16 movie. It's Chinese/Japanese/Thai, etc. - sounds odd, but really good food. The Peking duck gets wrapped for you, and the Aloha chicken (with pineapple, Macadamia nuts and coconut) is hard to resist. BYOB.

      1. Laceno Italian Grill in Voorhees is a great choice. It's BYOB with great seafood and fish entrees on the menu.

        1. In Voorhees - A Little Cafe - great BYO but call for reservations because it is little. Located on White Horse Road 10 minutes from Main Street.

          Ritz Seafood - another small BYO with great fresh and different seafood. Butterfish, Devilfish. Again - call for reservations. located on Rt 561 in Ritz Plaza.

          Wanna really be laid back? In Oaklyn on White Horse Pike theres a bar called Merryfields. Best kept secret around. Great bar food but they also have about 15 specials everynight that are fantastic. Don't know anywhere else you can get a filet with portobello and crabmeat on top of garlic mashed potatoes for $17. It might not be barclay Prime, but it is real real good. 20 minutes from Main Street complex in Voorhees.

          The Olive is literally right around the corner. Pretty good place with outdoor seating available.

          Lots of others close by

          1. THanks for the ideas! I'll pass them on to the "Mother of the Bride" who will make the choice.

            I knew I could count on CHs to Help. I'm usually on the Penna Board as I'm in Philly)