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Jul 1, 2006 12:28 PM


Reading another post got me thinking...
What is everyone's favorite bouillabaisse in the city, Manhattan and Outer Bouroughs?
My personal favorite is Le Jardin Bistro, but I can't say I've tried all the rest... I'm only comparing to Payard's Bouillabaisse, which I was not impressed by.

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  1. the bouillabaisse at "bouillabaisse 126" in brooklyn is pretty damn good.

    1. Pearl Oyster Bar has one of the best bouillabaisse I've ever had.

      1. Provence on Mac Dougal has a terrific bouillabaise. I just had it last week.

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        1. re: tsiblis

          Payard on the UES; very authentic!

        2. To hopegoode, but also everyone else:

          Just how authentic? Is it served in multiple courses, with the traditional accompaniments? Is it made with fish flown in fresh from the Mediterranean? Is the broth redolent of saffron?

          Are there any other favorites out there?

          Thanks to all.

          1. Marseilles on 44th St. at 9th Avenue.