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Jul 1, 2006 12:08 PM

Ideas for SW Mpls/Suburbs Bakeries for Breakfast?

I'm looking to expand my favorite bakeries for breakfast. By idea of a good breakfast is generally a muffin or scone.

Currently my top locations are:
1) Great Harvest in Linden Hills (the generous samples will always make this first in my book)
2) Gigi's Cafe (best granola ever, good scones)
3) Rustica (incredible scones, terrific bostok)
4) Breadsmith in Edina (good muffins and scones)

Where else should I go? I'm most interested in staying in Eden Prairie, Edina, St. Louis Park, or SW Mpls (S of Lake St and W of 35W)

Thanks, alison

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  1. Turtle Bread Co. (West 44th Street and Abbott, Minneapolis) has great pastries. Ditto Patrick's French Bakery (Xerxes/York and 66th St., Richfield).

    I've never had a muffin or scone at Turtle Bread. I can't move on from the chocolate bread or the croissants. But based on what I've had I would guess that the muffins and scones are great too.

    I don't remember if Patrick's has muffins or scones, but I'd look there.

    1. This thread and the mention of possibly MSP's first soup dumplings at that new Chinese place in Roseville is going to kill my diet during the next week.

      I was thinking Patrick's too and I'll test your boundaries with the Birchwood Cafe. Hot Plate, though more restaurant than "bakery" also has super granola -- not sure about baked goods. My-T-Fine Bakery/Cafe, up Bryant from Rustica is also a neat neighborhood breakfast spot with excellent coffee and great baked goods.

      Birchwood Cafe
      3311 E 25th St (corner of S 33rd Ave

      Hot Plate
      5204 Bloomington Ave

      4300 Bryant Ave S

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      1. re: MSPD

        When did MSP have soup dumplings? Are you talking about China Jen and my post? Is there another place?
        Oh, I see, MSPD posted that Minneapolis/St.Paul had soup dumplings, I'm awake.

        1. re: AliceS

          I think he's talking about China Jen. (By the way, they're the ones with "juicy" in their name. Steamed Juicy Pork Dumplings, or something like that.)

      2. I think that Birchwood's scones are the best in town, but they're in SE Mpls, not SW. If you're up for a drive, they're definitely worth the trip.

        How about The Baker's Wife, at 4200 28th Avenue S., in Minneapolis? They've got great pastries and bars; don't know if they have scones, but if so, they'll be great.

        Others say good things about the Paradise Pastry Shop, 4157 Cedar Avenue S, Minneapolis. (I haven't been there yet.


        There's a bakery called "Connor's Bakery" at 54th & Penn, but I don't know anything about it.

        And there's a Wuollet at 3608 West 50th Street, Minneapolis. They're not as good as places like Birchwood and Rustica, but they're even with or better than the average traditional bakeries.

        Best of luck with your quest,

        1. The Paradise Pastry shop never offered muffins or scones. It was as old-style as the woman behind the counter, and revered for its delectable cinnamon rolls & pecan sticky bus.

          Sadly, I think that she and her son have baked their last loaves. The last time I drove by it had become a tortilleria or pasteleria.

          For me, the OP's request for a spot to get a breakfast muffin or scone eliminates Wuollets. If you're in that neighborhood, go with Turtle Bread.

          1. Thanks for the advice!

            My friend and I had breakfast at Turtle Bread this morning. While I love their chocolate bread, this morning I sprang for a blueberry ginger scone. It was excellent. My friend had an excellent looking almond croissant.

            I actually went to Birchwood Cafe Saturday afternoon for a treat. I had them warm up a brownie and put a scoop of ice cream on top. It was excellent. The brownie was rich and moist with a nice, crisp top. (by the way, I went there for breakfast once and was not overly impressed by their granola).

            Tomorrow, I'm having breakfast with another friend. I think we're going to Gigi's. I just can't stay away from there too long.

            Thanks for the advice and would love any other suggestions.