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Jul 1, 2006 07:26 AM

Wallse's seasonal cherry strudel with quark foam

Yesterday the lunch for the conference I'm attending at Silverado Country Club in the Napa Valley was prepared by a guest chef and team from Wallse and Cafe Sabarsky. The dessert was a huge hit --- sour cherry strudel with quark foam with a cherry marzipan garnish. The cherry filling had perfect sour/sweet balance and big whole cherries, and I loved how it worked with the dollop of light, tangy foam served on the side. The pastry leaves were unlike any I've had before, very crackly with an airy lightness.

If this is offered at the Manhattan locations, you should run over there before the sour cherry season ends. Please report back!

It was served with a Kracher Beerenauslese. Not really a good match, but a beautiful wine in its own right. And, I never turn down a Kracher sticky. (G)

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  1. Hey Melanie,
    Wallse is in located in the West Village of Manhattan, 344 West 11th St., where they serve the sour cherry strudel with pistachio cream, buttermilk sorbet and cherry marzipan. Wallse and Cafe Sabarsky has the best Austrian/Viennese desserts in the city also a bit pricey at $11 a plate but it's worth every penny. For Cafe Sabarsky, it's located in the Neue Galerie in the Upper East side. I recommend their apple strudel and sachertorte. Cafe Sabarsky's coffee service is excellent; Old World and classy with a glass of water on the side.

    1. Hope you enjoy the local version as much as I did out here! Even more amazing is how well-executed the lunch was, considering that this conference has over 200 attendees/covers. Chef Kurt Gutenbrunner came out to take a bow, and I think he liked being transported around in a golf cart.

      I don't have a photo of the cherry strudel. But here's the roast duck entree --- red wine reduction, red cabbage with walnuts and grapes. Very delicious.