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What is your favorite Thai restaurant in Thai Town (Hollywood area)

I would love to hear from the Angelenos that love Thai foods. What is your favorite Thai restaurant(s) in Thai Town. To me, every Thai restaurant I've dined at seems to prepare their dishes not quite the same from each other.

Your comments are greatly appreciated.

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  1. I really like Red Corner. Everything we had there was very tasty. I also like the duck noodles restaurant, the name slips my mind right now, starts with an R? on the corner.

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    1. By recommendation, I recently checked out Yai on Hollywood. (Sorry, forgot the address) It was excellent! Funny thing was, I ordered everything mild. And even then it got my checks red and my forehead sweating. It was the good sorta hot, though.

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        Thank you chowhounders for this wonderful recommendation! Went to Yai's last night and everything was delicious. My foodie partner was sweating up a storm from the spicy chili in the Veggie with Chili & Garlic dish, but it was worth every drop of sweat!

      2. "I also like the duck noodles restaurant, the name slips my mind right now, starts with an R? on the corner."

        You're probly thinking of Rodded. I like the duck soup there, but every time I've gone there they're out of the fried plantains he raves about. They're not on the menu, but they're supposed to have them most of the time. Not for me, tho.

        Rodded: http://www.laweekly.com/index.php?opt...

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          yes, rodded, thanks. i guess i've been lucky because they've had the plantains everytime i've gone. and they are good!

        2. I like Red Corner Asia and Yai, too. You can also try Ruen Pair (in the same mall as Red Corner Asia), although their health dept. rating tends to be kind of low; Kruang Tedd or KT next to Jumbo's Clown Room; and Sanamuluang for great noodle dishes.

          1. The southern-style spicy beef at Jitlada on Sunset makes me sweat, and I mean that as a compliment.

            1. the joint with the thai elvis ain't half bad. and they got frog legs, deer, and deep fried fish maw on the menu. along with thai beef jerky.

              1. May I ask, what exactly is fish maw? I've seen it several times --- sounds like a fish mouth to me. And also, what are fish cheeks? The cheeks of a fishhead just like it sounds?

                I'm a newcomer but really enjoy this board and learn so much, thanks to all you adventurous ChowHounds.

                1. Fish Maw

                  The dried stomach lining of large fish. The term refers to the air bladder (also called swim bladder) that is found in all fish except sharks and rays. The maw we buy is usually from the conger pike and its role is added for texture to a dish. It doesn't taste fishy at all. The cleaned maw is dried and then deep fried to make it puff and expand. In this state it will keep indefinitely.

                  Before it can be eaten, it must first be soaked in water for a few hours, weighted down by a plate. It becomes much smaller after soaking, the maw is then wrung out and then washed in vinegared water to remove any trace of fishiness. Once again squeezed dry, the maw is cut into fine strips, ready to add to a dish. The maw in itself is a texture ingredient only, and is used with other strongly flavored ingredients to make it interesting. It usually requires only a couple of minutes cooking to absorb the flavours in the pot.

                  At some asian restaurants you can get fish maw/chicken soup which has a delicate flavor to it. It is usually prepared with minced chicken in it.

                  Happy Chowing

                  1. All foods are excellent at Salum Lung Cafe. They open till 3am. Go with friends and share a lot of dishes. It's fun!

                    Salum Lung Cafe
                    5170 Hollywood at Kingsley

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                      Sanamluang. There's also a branch on Sherman Way in N. Hollywood. Both are known for their noodle dishes.

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                        Thanks for the right name. For years, I've been calling the restaurant in a wrong name. It's good to know that there is a branch in North Hollywood. I'll look for the address.

                    2. Thai Elvis at Palm's Thai. The food is good too.


                        1. The Pink Pepper just south of Hollywood Blvd. on La Brea - east side.