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Recipe for Rocks N' Rolls cookies?

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Hi there,

I love these St. Amour cookies shown here:

Does anyone have a recipe to recreate these?


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  1. Do you mean recreate the packaging?
    Is anything edible underneath all that marketing?
    If it is edible, please give a description, i am curious.

    1. And I'm wondering how good a cookie can be if it's low-fat and has a 1-year shelf life. Are they crunchy? Soft?

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        THey're crunchy and the flavor is subtle but I guarantee you'll love them.

      2. What's in the ingredients?

        1. The cookies are little asymmetrical nuggets (rocks) mixed in with a few "O" shapes (rolls).

          They are very hard and crunchy and the reason I buy them is that they're low calorie and very low sodium (something we need in my family). Oh, and of course, they taste good, too.

          The ingredients for the flavor I have, orange chocolate chip, are: unbleached flour, sugar, expelled pressed canola oil, chocolate chip, baking powder and natural flavors.

          1. Out of curiosity, what is the nutritional info on these? The website excludes that...

            1. Here's the nutritional info:
              Serving size: Approx 30g
              Servings per container: 9 to 10
              Calories: 108
              Total Fat: 3g
              Cholesterol: 0g
              Sodium: 1mg
              Total Carbohydrate: 19g
              Dietary Fiber: 1g
              Sugars: 3g
              Protein: 2g