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Korean BBQ in OC?

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I've never tried Korean BBQ - any recommendations in OC? Irvine, Costa Mesa, Tustin, would be closest locations, but I'm no stranger to Westminster and Asian areas. Any thoughts hounds? PS. I don't really go for fatty meats and such. Plus I date a vegetarian.

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  1. Sagan, on Beach Blvd. across from Medieval Times in Buena Park. By far the best Korean in OC.

    1. There's Seoul Garden in Tustin on Redhill near the 5 FWY. I tried it once, wasn't bad. A little pricey if I can recall correctly.


      1. Shik Do Rak in Garden Grove is known as the House of Rice Cake Paper wraps.

        Perceptor did a review a while back

        1. I'll second shik do rak. Probably best to avoid Seoul Garden, since the all you can eat buffet aspect of it really kills the quality of food.

          1. Best Korean BBQ --> Myung Ga (AKA Lighthouse). It's in Garden Grove, on Garden Grove Blvd., just east of Magnolia. It's on the plaza on your left hand side.

            Cham Soot Gol has all you can eat Korean BBQ - the only place so far in OC. It's pretty decent. This is also on Garden Grove Blvd. and Casa Linda (I think - which is east of Magnolia).

            Also, a lot of ppl in the Korean community have been going to Morangak which is just west of Shik Do Rak.

            Shik Do Rak is pretty decent too - definitely better than it's orig. location in LA.

            Don't go to Seoul Garden. Haven't tried Sagan but considering that my parents don't go there (who are Korean), I wouldn't bother.

            1. Sagan must've changed ownership or something, because their food is not as good anymore somehow. The side dishes (bahn-chan?) have changed. Their modernistic decor strikes me as cold and distant. And they are on the expensive side.

              If you go up North on Beach a few blocks past the 91 fwy, across from Buena Park City Hall is a Korean BBQ place that is pretty good. They have a good variety of meats. Try the baby octopi. The crispy tentacles are very flavorful. Sorry, I don't recall the name of the place, but I think it was Soot Bull something, something.

              Even further up North on Beach, near Malvern, is Surah. This place is always packed with people. Luckily, it is situated in a plaza so there is plenty of parking. And the space inside is pretty huge so it can accomodate many patrons at once, but there can still be a wait.

              Also, you can try Seoul Oak in Garden Grove. I've only had their excellent yook gae jahng (spicy beef noodle soup) there, but I also remember drooling at all the BBQ on everyone else's tables.

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                It's Soot Bull Jeep, but it's not related (at all) to the famous smoky den of meat in Koreatown.

                That's odd about Sagan, I mean the decor is modern, but the panchan were really good when we were there. Agree about the expensive side -- it's a bit like Chosun Galbee.

              2. Korean BBQ is expensive. Just go to HK Market Irvine in Tustin on Redhill. They sell bulgogi for 2.99lb and short ribs for 3.49lb and boneless short ribs as well.....All you have to do is cook the meat which is really easy! They also have ready made korean side dishes and a korean sushi station.

                1. There are two branches of Light Town House in Orange County. Both use real charcoal. I won't say they're inexpensive, but I think they are reasonable for what you get. The food is quite good.

                  One branch is on the south side of Garden Grove Blvd., one block west of Magnolia. The other is in the large strip mall on the northeast corner of Beach and Imperial.

                  Here's how they appear in the phone book. I'm reliably told by a Korean friend that they are both run by the same company.

                  Lighttown House
                  8902 Garden Grove Blvd
                  Garden Grove, CA 92844
                  (714) 638-7333

                  Light Townhouse Inc.
                  1370 S Beach Blvd
                  La Habra, CA 90631
                  (562) 694-5193