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Jul 1, 2006 03:32 AM

Old questions, new advice

I have never seen so many posts in reponse to old threads that died six months or a year ago--including those that ask for recommendations for 'this weekend'. I don't know if this is a new phenomenon or if I am just more aware because of how the new boards are organised. Despite my interest in the subject, I have refrained from recklessly adding to a year-old request for oysters tonight after a bright researcher chimed in with advice yesterday and bumped the whole thing up to front page of the local board. I can just see the 'Latest Post' sort becoming clogged and useless with helpful observations that restaurants about which posters inquired last year are now closed. Have you ever considered a moratorium on threads of a certain age? Or perhaps I am being needlessly cautious and you wish to foster more of a carnival atmosphere on the new Board?

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  1. I'm really noticing the same thing on the L.A. board today. Threads that are hundreds if not thousands of days old, and one new post at the very end. I'm wondering if this has to do with the new search capabilities, or if people are just messing around. In any event, it is kind of irritating to see a "new" flag only to open the thread and have it be from 2003.

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      Note that the author of posts/threads started before the conversion are not underlined. If you don't want to read subjects that started more than a week ago, you can skip over those.

    2. I think the phenomenon is a function of new users (have there been any big media reports about the new software, online or offline?) and the improved search function. You can solve this "problem" by sorting the threads by when the topic was created rather than from the last reply.

      You can find this option right under the index for each topic. For example, on this board,


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      * Latest Reply
      * Date Started

      1. True, but having tried both sorts, I prefer "latest reply" quite a lot more than "date started." I think "latest reply" yields more information with less scrolling and moving between pages. However, you are correct that using "date started" would eliminate the routine viewing of really old threads, because I would never scroll back that far. Which sort are you using?

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          I'm with you. I like to sort by latest reply. Sometimes it's kind of fun to revisit ancient history. I hope people don't post frivolously just to bump up old threads, though.

        2. I actually like that old posts are being revisited. It shows that newbies are really interested in the various topics we've already covered and that they are using the search egine effectively. It is a great improvement over reading the umpteenth request in a years time for the BEST brownie recipe, lobster roll in Palm Springs, Chow movie etc. Additionally, there are times when I wish a topic would be rehashed as I might have newer info. to contribute.

          1. Like you, I also appreciate new replies to old threads; I was only objecting to people bumping just to get their posts on top of the queue.

            Now I'm wondering what to do as a poster. I raised some of the issues that you bring up in a new topic I just posted on this board: "To Post a New Thread or Not To Post"