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Jul 1, 2006 03:08 AM

Testing Hot Posts

Tonight we added a 'Hot Posts' feature to the site. You can reach it using the link in the red title bar. Although its operation isn't identical to the old Hot Posts implementation, we hope that it achieves many of the same goals.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

Technical note: We are still tuning how we expire the list if you don't use the "mark as read" function. Right now if you come back after an extended period of time, we will show you what is new since the last time you viewed the page. However, most people who view the page frequently will want to just click "mark as read" to clear out the page every time they view it, instead of waiting for the time-based expiration.

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  1. As I mentioned in another thread, thanks so much for the new Hot Posts. It is a huge plus.

    One comment and one question: I miss having a time/date stamp on all the indexes, but it is particularly important on Hot Posts. Particularly on less-traveled topics, I would think users would want to have some sense of how old the posts are.

    Question. If I mark the first page of Hot Posts that I see (i.e., the last 40 posts) marked as read, does that automatically erase earlier posts that I haven't marked as read? I just experimented by marking as read all 40 posts of a board I don't read regularly. It erased those posts and I received a message that "there are no new posts." Let's say someone wanted to read the last 120 posts on a board. Would they have to click on "older" twice to get to 81-120 and then work "backwards" to get to the other 80 posts?

    1. If I read a topic,leave hot posts and then return, the topic is still there.

      There is still no way to find new messages within the topic without having to scroll through the topic looking for them. This is the big failing of this software. If you know enough to change the background of a message to yellow when it is new, why can't you jump there when you click on the "NEW" icon from the topic/index level (and then to the next "new" msg & so on)?

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      1. re: Paul H

        "If I read a topic,leave hot posts and then return, the topic is still there."

        If you read all the hot posts, use the “Mark all as read’. It will clear the hot posts list for that board. Sometimes hot posts will clear the boardm on its own, but it is not consistent. This is reported on the Feedback problems. We use this after reading all the new posts on a page.

        1. re: theotherhalfofdh

          "If you read all the hot posts, use the “Mark all as read’. It will clear the hot posts list for that board.

          Of course! But what if you don't read all of the Hot Posts? At least it changes background color, but I think not clearing read topics is a bug.

      2. Very difficult to use. Is it not possible to do Hot Posts within Forums (like the good old days)?
        Also, can you display the total number of Hot Posts? Showing "1-40 of 33263" for example.

        1. Also, right now you can narrow the Hot Posts to one forum, but most of us are interested in more than one, just not all. Can we have a preference set up (perhaps under My Chow) where we can checkmark several forums and hot posts from only those forums appear?

          For instance, I generally check Manhattan, Outer Boroughs, Home Cooking and General Topics. I would like to have Hot Posts list the most active topics from only those forums. Obviously, people will have different preferences and over time, I can change my preferences as well. If I were planning a trip to Italy, for example, I can switch my preferences to include it into my Hot Posts.

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          1. re: Pupster

            I TOTALLY agree with Pupster...we really need this...I truly hope it can be done!

          2. Also, Hot Posts doesn't ignore posts you make yourself. Pick a forum in Hot Posts, mark all as read, go to forum make a post, go back to Hot Posts... your post will be listed.