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Jul 1, 2006 01:58 AM

Anyone been to Pinzimini at the new Westin in Ballston??

Just wanted to see if anyone out there has anything to report about the restaurant in the new Westin Hotel in Ballston. Its called Pinzimini and looks nice from the street -- any reports out there??


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  1. Yes, I've been there. Try as they might, hotel restaurants look like hotel restaurants. This Italian restaurant specializes in antipasti and offers a good selection, if you like cold vinegary vegetables and seafood. They also offer a number of steaks and non-Italian fare; stick to the Italian dishes and you’ll do fine. Service was frinedly and attentive [of course,there was only a few other diners]. Nice lounge area in the bar and a big LCD screen over the bar for the sports fans. That’s the trouble with hotel restaurants (except for the every upscale ones like Maestro, Citronelle, Cityzen); they try to be everything to everybody and don’t get anything quite right.

    Bottom line is that there are better Italian restaurants within the same price range [my dinner: antipasti, rigatoni, dessert, 2 glasses of chianti, tax, tip: $75]

    1. Friends and I went there for drinks and appetizers last Sunday; very modern bar area with lots of clean edges and nouveau lighting. Service was good (we were virtually the only people in there though) and the drinks reasonably priced ($8 for a speciality cocktail).

      However, we looked at the antipasti selection for appetizers and found nothing of interest. Lots of vegetables but very few "snacks" or unique dishes (I was surprised that there wasnt even a cold meats platter). As such, we went elsewhere for food.