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Jul 1, 2006 01:58 AM

Zaleks in Wakefield

Thanks again hounds for the post on Zaleks. I took my youngest there tonight for dinner and was very impressed with everything. I had the special, grilled Marlin with grilled corn on the cob and rice $9.95. I subbed a salad for rice and had my choice so I had the spinach, roasted pepper, feta and onion and a side of o-rings. Pup had a taco (!?) and decided after we ordered that he wanted some french fries. The owners were nice enough to throw an order in no charge. Place was clean, friendly and the food was very good. Marlin was slightly over cooked but a large piece served with fresh grilled pineapple. I was a happy customer and will definitely be back. Menu is varied enough to please anyone!

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  1. hey, you got my marlin! I called for the specials and when I got there they had run out! Glad you liked it! I can't stop going back. Actually it might have been Mahimahi nite that they ran out..
    The grilled shrimp is good too and the fried fish platter. Lots of good stuff and nice owners

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      I'd like to hear more about this place. Sounds like they do nice fish. Other stuff?

    2. I first reported on this place months ago. It's in the town I live in and I stumbled upon it one day. You would never find it if you weren't looking. Seems to be owned and run by a Greek family as the menu is heavy w Greek entrees. But lots of other stuff too. Thin crust pizza, Monte Christo, steak tips, great salads, chicken kabobs, and more!!. The place is immaculate. Be patient for food as everything is cooked to order. Check it out.

      1. I went back again the following week and was sorry to see them very overwhelmed by a bunch of sudden orders. I ordered broiled scallops which came with rice and a salad and it was just okay. I know that they are new and frankly the other items ordered were great (one son had fish and chips) but there was a family that came in after me that waited for what seemed like eternity, with three young children and I felt really bad for owners and customers alike. I hope that they can handle the popularity. Owners are really nice and eager to please.

        1. Zalek's delivers again!! We went for supper last night. I had the special ; Pan seared red snapper served w jasmine rice w pineapple and red tomato greek salad. I asked for a veggie substitute for the rice and I got 2 whole roasted bell peppers stuffed w feta. How cool is that? Hubs had a pizza w fresh mozarella and basil and a greek salad. The pizza tasted so the ones we make on our grill. Delicious!! All that plus 2 drinks was $25 and we had enough left over to have another meal. Service was friendly as usual and getting quicker. Can't wait to go back.

          1. hey shaebones i must be following you around! i had the snapper too, except it was on couscous that nite and i asked for a sub for the shitake mushrooms and i got the italian peppers stuffed with feta and grilled too!! Yum! Great snapper too! Been there several times.. can't stop craving it,as well as the nice grill bbq smell you get when you walk in. And they are so nice everytime. There's some new seafood places mentioned here that i keep wanting to try but they seem to have the same type specials for always a few bucks more for the same type of setting, so i always decide to forget it and just go back to Zaleks. Besides once i called the other local place and asked about the clams and they said they only have small bellies cuz people don't like big bellies. Wrong! Zalek has the big belly clams of course! and big sweet scallops and clams at a much better price than anyone else..