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Jul 1, 2006 01:09 AM

Need to get my knives sharpened

I have some great Global knives that are getting a bit on the dull side. I'd sharpen them myself, but I'm completely useless at that sort of thing & I'm pretty sure I'll manage to ruin my knives. Anyone know of a good place to get them sharpened? Preferably in the LES as I live in the East Village... Thanks!

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  1. Check out Samurai Sharpening at Chelsea Market (75 9th Ave. and 15th street), in front of Bowery Kitchen Supply, Saturday and Wednesday, noon to 6 PM.

    1. There are some sidewalk sharpeners in Chinatown - I think around Baxter.

      1. There is a small hardware store next to movie theatre on second ave and 11 or 12th streets. Hardware store to the south of theatre, west side of street. He sharpens knives in there. I think he charges three dollars a knife.