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Vahl's, Alviso CA report (w/ pics)

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Three of us went to Vahl's to check it out 6/29/06. It's been in business since 1941 so it has a long history in the town of Alviso. It wasn't very busy when we went around 12:15pm for lunch.

You get free bread w/ butter after we ordered. Then soup of the day which was french onion. I thought it was ok, not too salty. A slice of bread was in the soup, but I didn't eat it.

Main dishes not too long a wait. Lunch special seem to change daily and what's on the menu is not what is available that day. I wanted baked lasagna or linguine w/ clam sauce, but both not available. I picked the meatloaf lunch special $10.

My dish was pretty tasty. A small slab of meatloaf w/ gravy on top, small scoop of mashed potatoes (instant), and a scoop of zucchini-which was pretty good.

I finished everything. Dessert included w/ lunch special. I picked the sherbet which was pretty light and refreshing.

Credit Cards taken now. Ladies room had two stalls and was decent. Two sinks too.

Would recommend if in the area and wanted old fashion American food.

1513 El Dorado
Alviso, CA 95002
(408) 262-0731

pics: http://www.kodakgallery.com/Slideshow...

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  1. Great post and I love the pics!
    It really looks like a blast from the past with the china and the menu (and the dishes on that menu). Those portions look like you could wring an extra meal out of them, too.
    I'm obsessed with Alviso and have been looking for an excuse to go there.