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Jul 1, 2006 12:33 AM

Help me find Korean street food

When a friend of mine lived in Korea, she raved about this snack she always bought on the street. I can't find it in LA and I am convinced I just haven't looked hard enough. Phonetically speaking (please pardon my lack of Korean language skills), the dish was called "duck-bo-kee" and it was a gelatinous piece of rice about the size of a corn dog that was doused in this fiery red pepper sauce. Does anybody know what this is and where I could find it? It would make my friend exceedingly happy and she would forever be in my debt.

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  1. At Cham Cham Cham, a stand in the top-floor food court of the Koreatown Galleria (Olympic & Western) they have a big pot of the rice cakes in bright red sauce, and you can get a big plate for not much money.

    1. One of my favorite childhood snacks! I actually had some for lunch today at MARU in ktown. mmm... It's called Sweet & Spicy Rice Cakes on the English menu (or you just ask the waitress for Dduk-bok-ki) & it's very authentic.

      356 S. Western Ave. #201

      Located in the Cosmos shopping plaza, which is on the Northeast corner of Western and 4th. Entrance to the parking lot is on 4th street and the restaurant is on the second floor by the elevator.

      Wish I knew how to add the link to David Kahn's review on the restaurant, but I'm just not sophisticated enough. :(

      1. Weird, I've always been able to find dukk bokkee at non BBQ restaurants. Perhaps if you started a new post with the name of the dish in the title more people would jump in with their favorites.

        Sorry, I haven't been in LA long, but I know that the Koreatown Galleria's market has prepackaged, cooked dukk bokkee that you can grab and go. It's actually pretty good. The dukk (cakes) are tender, and the sauce is fine if a little simplistic. The supermarket also sells very soft, freshly made dukk for you to take home if you're looking to cook it yourself (it's really easy; post on home cooking to find out how).

        While you're at the Galleria you can check out Cham Cham Cham too and compare!

        And don't worry about your spelling; Korean is very unstandardized.

        1. Mr... er, Porky:

          "Wish I knew how to add the link to David Kahn's review on the restaurant, but I'm just not sophisticated enough. Enjoy!"

          Here is David's fine review below. I'm going there AGAIN today based on his review. Great place, except they're usually out of one or more of the dishes I'm looking for when I go there.

          1. you can generally get the duk bok ki at any late night snack type restaurant (hodori, mama's) or po jang ma cha (drinking pub) there are a few in the 6th and berendo interesection (ya ga ju, tang song sah - with the old school movie poster on the top, theres also mazinger z and countless other places. ask any youngish looking korean person on the street)