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Jul 1, 2006 12:14 AM

It is pronounced ZagAT or ZAGat??

I've always wondered...

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    1. From the 'hound dictionary:

      Main Entry: Za·gat
      Pronunciation: ' USE-LESS '
      Function: Noun
      Definitions: 1. Savvy marketer
      2. Door stop
      3. Paper weight

      1. I disagree- I think Zagat varies per the city you're in.

        I found it indispensable in New York, but in LA, In N Out got as high a rating of some four star restaurants in New York. Go figure.

        Oh- and it's zuh-GAT. My friend is a friend of the Zagat family and she says that's how they say it.

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        1. re: julietg

          Excellent thanks guys. My friends and I were having a whole discussion on it the other day. We should have bet money on it. Oh well.

        2. For an excellent read, see "The Zagat Effect," by Steven Shaw, published in Commentary, Vol. 110 • November 2000 • No. 4.

          Available free here:

          1. It's pronounced to rhyme with cat, hat or bat.

            As Tim and Nina Zagat are fond of saying "Zagat. It rhymes with Cat in the Hat".

            How do I know this? I worked for Tim and Nina for 6 months.

            Peter in the Heights