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Jul 1, 2006 12:11 AM

Sam Adams Triple Bock and Thomas Hardy's Ale

I was a HUGE fan of SA Triple Bock and TH Ale back in the 90s but as far as I know neither are available anymore. So what is the CLOSEST ones I can try that are similar in taste and consistency?

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  1. hello, I enjoy trying different artisan brews in the style/method of the Hardy, that is to say, bottle conditioned ales with live yeast. It usually takes reading the labels closely, and many of them have the wired-down cork enclosure like a sparkling wine. It's been so lone since I've had a Hardy that I can't name something similar. cheers

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      I have always preferred American barley wines such as Sierra Nevada Bigfoot. Many of these are bottle-conditioned. However, many of these are markedly hoppier than the British varieties.

    2. I think you can get triple bock on the Sam Adams site.

      Try Sam Adams Utopias, if you can find/afford it!

      1. It's been some time since I had a Thomas Hardy but I remember it as malty. I find a Scaldis to be a malty, high gravity ale of superior quality. You might also enjoy Samichlaus or Belzebuth or EKU 28.

        1. Thomas Hardy's Ale went out of production for several years due to new ownership of the Eldridge Pope brewery. Two or three years ago the US importer secured rights to the brand and it has been produced at O'Hanlon's since then. More info here:

          1. Gale's Prize Old Ale is a fanatstic barleywine, very similar to Thomas Hardy, needs at least ten years to mature in my opinion. Bigfoot, Rogue's Old Crustacean, and Brooklyn's Monster Ale are all great too.

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                What terrible news! Thanks for letting me know, I'll stock up on a few bottles and try to ration them out to last the rest of my life.