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Jun 30, 2006 11:54 PM

i need good falafel!!

I'm going with two of my friends into the city in a couple of weeks and I am CRAVING amazing, authentic falafel!

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  1. Hey, my friend swears by Mammoun's in Greenwich Village. I think its on Sullivan or MacDougal St between W. 3rd St. and Bleecker.

    1. If you are coming from out of town, you may as well go to Paterson New Jersey, about 20 min. outside the city. Al Basha is the standard place. There is also Tanoreen in Brooklyn. Both have much better Lebanese food than you can find in Manhattan.

      Please don't remove this, this person is just looking for good falafel!

      1. I agree with billyboy: Mamoun's is arguably the best inexpensive falafel joint in town. It is in fact on MacDougal Street very near Washington Square Park and NYU:

        119 MacDougal St
        New York, NY 10012

        Two more expensive places that offer very authentic and extremely tasty, hound-worthy fare:

        Downtown in the Financial District, Alfanoose on Maiden Lane for Syrian/Lebanese style.

        8 Maiden Lane, between Broadway & Nassau Sts
        New York, NY 10038

        In the West Village, suitable for takeout only (there are a few stools in the place, that's it) - Taim for Israeli-style falafel.

        222 Waverly Pl (near W 11th
        )New York, NY 10014

        - er

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        1. re: enrevanche

          Another vote for Taim! Real Israeli style falafel with unusual flavors and sauces.

          They're a little tricky to find, what with Seventh Ave. South slashing the grid into near chaos. But as the Michelin guides say elsewhere, it's worth the detour.

        2. If you're willing to dine al fresco, the cart @ 3rd Avenue & 72nd Street (opposite Grace's Marketplace) has excellent, fresh falafel.....

          1. Azuri Cafe on 51st Street near 10th Ave is the best falafel I know of. Very fresh ingredients and a burly, soup-nazi-ish owner. Definitely worth a trip.